India’s ambitious project to irrigate its land by diverting water from the Koshi River to the Mechi River has gone a step further. The long-discussed
Crow festival is being celebrated today by worshiping the crow under the second big festival of Hindu. Today, it is customary to feed and worship
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has received more votes than any other presidential candidate in the US election so far. According to the New York
The demand for electricity has fallen sharply over the past few decades. Generally, the demand for electricity decreases drastically during the decade. Due to the
Kings XI Punjab defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore by 97 runs in the sixth match of the IPL held in Dubai. Kings XI Punjab had set


The microblogging site Twitter is preparing to change its established identity of a simple and hard-nosed platform with only 280 characters. Under this, Twitter has
Clean Feed has been implemented in foreign television channels broadcasting in Nepal from Friday. The Clean Feed has been implemented from the date fixed by
Breaking the long wait, Apple has unveiled four new iPhones at once. Along with the iPhone, Apple has also brought a new affordable smart speaker
Nepal Rastra Bank has made arrangements to deposit the income from social media like YouTube in Nepal’s bank account. NRB has made arrangements to transfer
Proving the forecast of bringing a New iPhone wrong, Apple on Wednesday unveiled the Apple Watch along with its new version of the iPad. Apple’s

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Each festival has its own unique cultural aspect and meaning. Even the small deeds and rituals that we do have a cultural meaning. Tihar is
Experts are saying, “The corona cannot be completely eradicated.” Do you have to keep on choking from time to time to avoid possible infection of
Here are the TOP BEST sleeping positions and their deep meanings. What sleeping position says about you, your nature, character & defines the type of
Choosing a unique name from the ocean of thousands of choices for baby names is kinda hard project to crack for your baby boy or baby girl. That
There are three types of Covid-19 tests: Genetic, Antibody, and Antigen Test But how do they work? And what’s the difference? We’ve heard sort of

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What is the share market definition? How does share market work? What are its advantages and disadvantages to the share market? And How you can
An interview that lasts for several minutes, almost delineates whether someone is equipped for the job or not, but it has never given a flawless
Well some of us may think there’s nothing more boring than attending a conference on insurance. And we may well be right, but if we
Willing to start a YouTube Channel? Be an Youtube Expert Instantly In the past decade, there is far more advanced in technology, especially information technology.
Let your imagination fly with the Beautiful story of Millennial vs Baby Boomer How would it be when a lately joined employee oppose the manager’s


Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is known in the film industry for his brilliant films. Akshay Kumar has played various roles in his film career. He
It is really tough to seek out the best budget gaming laptop, especially one that did not desire plenty of bucks and has awful battery
What are your favorite Games to Play when bored? What are the Most popular Videogames in 2020? This article is all about making you feel
Full Name Sushant Singh Rajput DOB 21 January 198 Birthplace Patna, Bihar, India Occupation  Actor, Dancer, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist. First Movie Played Kai Po
Not only from Theatre but Movies can also earn from home videos, television broadcasts right, and even merchandising. However the maximum percentage of income still