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These 10 Amazing facts about Bhutan will BLOW your Mind

These Amazing facts about Bhutan will surprise You for a while. Explore Bhutan and its amazing Culture with us.

The tiny Asian kingdom of Bhutan has been completely isolated from the rest of the world until recently. This segregation led to the preservation of its Buddhist heritage, family significance, and untouched landscapes. It has also become a fascinating country for learning.

The name “Bhutan” means the “Land of the Thunder Dragons.” Bhutan ‘s Kingdom is a landlocked republic, in Southeast Asia, in Eastern Himalayas. It seems that Bhutan is a somewhat enigmatic nation from an alternative universe. Most people find it stunning and literally from a fairytale. So, what makes a secret gem of Bhutan?

Amazing facts about Bhutan – TOP 10

1. The Ministry of happiness

In 2008, in Bhutan, the gross national committee for happiness was set up to deal with the inner peace of the people. Bhutan is the only nation in the world to have an official happiness ministry.

They believe GNH or gross national happiness is just as important to measure as GDP is also known as a gross domestic product.

A comprehensive survey was conducted in 2015 with people consulted about how happy they are. Even the census questionnaire has a column where you can indicate whether you’re satisfied with your life or not.

The result of the 2015 survey showed that 91 percent of the population considers themselves happy and 43 percent are deeply or extensively happy.

The quality of life in the country depends on how their financial and mental values are managed.

Happy people - Amazing facts of Bhutan
Ministry of Happiness – Amazing facts about Bhutan

2. Wedding rules

You may fall in love with the land when you visit Bhutan, but you will try not to fall for a local or otherwise, will break your heart. It’s prohibited there to marry foreigners.

When to happy Bhutanese people fall in love and get married, monks read mantras during the wedding ceremony and they believe this tradition helps newlyweds to build a tight mental connection.

There’s also a shameful ritual which is the offering of a locally grown brew to the deities. The remainder of the brew will be served and exchanged by the bride and the groom after offering. Once the rituals are performed the couple becomes a family.

Then as a rule the man moves into the woman’s home and only when he earns enough money can they move into a new house.

Traditional Wedding - Amazing facts of bhutan
Traditional wedding

3. Touring obstacles

Note that Bhutan is very serious about maintaining its special values and culture. This is why they make it very difficult and costly to visit their country. You can only go to Bhutan in groups of three or more.

Technically you can go as a couple or by yourself, but you got to pay extra if you do all documents. And visas are issued by a state-appointed company.

Before you can get the permit, you have to pay all of the expenses in advance including transportation, hotel fees, tour operator and guide services, visa, and insurance. A tour guide will be with you all the time, allowing only you to visit tourist destinations.


4. They like it hot!

In almost every Bhutanese dish, chilies are the most common ingredient.  The Tourism Council even noticed that Bhutanese people would not even enjoy a meal that was not spicy.

The country’s official national dish is called M Adachi. It’s a yummy mix of spicy chilies and a local cheese called “datshi“. This is widely found in most foods and can be modified by adding carrots, green beans, roasted mushrooms, or ferns.

And if you really want to mix it up, you can use yak cheese, yep from a yak.

chilli- amazing facts about Bhutan
They eat Chilli a lot – Amazing facts about Bhutan


5. They keep food on the roof

Winters are pretty harsh in Bhutan. So, they have to take advantage of the warmer seasons to make sure they have enough food to make it through the cold months.

In the fall it’s not uncommon to see roofs covered with red chilies, drying for the winter piles of rice stalks and cone-like structures in the fields are also everywhere.

They don’t have enough time to quickly thrash out the rice so that they keep it so before they get there. Chilly and rice are something that Bhutanese can happily survive on all winter long.

Foods on roof - Amazing Facts of Bhutan
They kept Foods on Roof – Amazing facts about Bhutan


6. No Traffic lights

All the road signs in Bhutan are drawn by hand till. The capital of the country, Thimphu, is the only one in the world without any traffic lights.

In fact, there are no traffic lights in the entire country. Traffic police control vehicle movement manually and the officer in his booth on Main Street is one of the city sights, no tourist wants to miss.

Traffic Police in Bhutan - Amazing Facts of Bhutan
No Traffic Lights – Amazing facts about Bhutan


7. Only the best pilots are allowed to fly to Bhutan

This time it’s not a matter of privacy or an attempt to preserve an ancient culture, but a matter of skill and safety. Harrow Airport, the only one in the country is in a fantastically beautiful location with breathtaking views of the Himalayas. But it’s also one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

Not every pilot can maneuver between mountain tops and land on a 6500-foot-long highway right by people’s houses. Add strong winds to the challenge and you’ll understand why takeoffs and landings are only allowed during daylight hours.

And there are only eight pilots in the world that can do this, together they transport around 30,000 people a year.

Airport in Bhutan - Amazing facts about Bhutan
Airport in Bhutan


8. 100% organic

Not exactly, but it’s on their way well and they should get there shortly. Importing or using some chemical product there is still illegal. Whatsoever everything they use is cultivated within the country and is all-natural.

Environmental Protection - 100% organic - Amazing Facts of Bhutan
Only Carbon negative country – Amazing facts about Bhutan


9. Ladies first

Women are respected and honored in Bhutan. Their heritage tradition indicates that all family and properties including their homes, livestock, and land go to the eldest daughter rather than the son. Men are expected to earn their own fortunes.

Childrens playing - Amazing facts about Bhutan
Girls playing – Bhutan

10. Gingerbread like houses

Bhutanese people love to decorate their homes. They draw animals from birds and different designs on the walls that make them look like actual houses of gingerbread. Their houses are small, three-story structures.

The ground floor is a place to keep animals, the living space is on the second floor and the third floor is used to store hay, probably makes for great insulation.

Ginger bread houses - amazing facts about Bhutan
Ginger Bread houses in Bhutan | Amazing facts about Bhutan


Conclusion: Amazing facts about Bhutan

Bhutan is really concerned about ecology in nature. At least 60 percent of the total country area should be protected by forest, as mandated by local law. Actually, this figure is around 71%. So they’re doing just fine, it’s no surprise really since this is what locals want.

In 2015, Bhutan even sent a world record when its people planted 50,000 trees in just one hour. Thanks to that it’s the only carbon negative country in the world – meaning it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces. Wow! way to go Bhutan.

Despite all the bans and strict rules, Bhutanese people are very friendly and happy and the natural beauty of this country is breathtaking. So, if you plan a visit, I’m willing to bet, it’ll be an unforgettable trip.

I hope you enjoyed this article “Amazing facts about Bhutan”. Drop down your comments below, if you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement. Have a great time.

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