Apple Hacked 2021

Hackers demand 6 billion Ransom from Apple | Apple hacked 2021 |

The encouragement of hackers is increasing day by day. Recently, the latest example of this has been made public. According to a report, a Russian hacking group has demanded a ransom of 6 billion from Apple. Cyber ​​experts have taken seriously the fact that hackers are demanding so much ransom from Apple, which is considered very sensitive for the security of the company and its users.

According to the news, the hacker group is blackmailing Apple for money and this incident is connected with the future products of Apple. This is because hackers are said to have hacked very sensitive data about Apple’s upcoming products. REvil is the name of a group of Russian hackers who hacked Apple 2021 and demanded ransom. The hacker group claims to have leaked data related to Apple’s future products.

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The incident took place ahead of Apple’s Spring Festival on Tuesday, and the group received the data from manufacturers of MacBooks and other Apple products. The hackers first targeted the Taiwan-based Quanta Company. But after failing to hack Quanta, they launched a cyber attack on Apple, its biggest customer. The hackers revealed this in a message posted on the Dark Web portal.

To increase the pressure on Apple, REvil started posting pictures of data related to hacked Apple 2021 products. It had a total of 21 screenshots, including various information about the recently released new iMac. In addition to iMac, hackers have also leaked the design of the M1 MacBook Air. They have also leaked a picture of a laptop that Apple has not made public. Display alerts can also be seen as soon as the screenshot is opened. These are Apple’s assets and should be returned immediately.

Revil has warned that Apple will release new data every day until May 1, when it will receive a  50 million ransom from Apple or Quanta.

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