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Being an Engineer, exploring an engineer’s college life

Engineering life is all about going to college, doing all the stuff except studying (sorry for toppers). And returning home, carrying a huge hope for reading a lot from tomorrow. As you enter college for the first time, seniors are always excited to meet you, (a would-be engineer). But one might get confused for a few weeks that, who are seniors? and who is from his own batch?

Now you will be introduced to your opposite sex in college. Some of them start having a crush on each other, they might end up being a well-known couple of the college or end up being the cutest sister and handsome brother or best friends of each other. While some kept on warning others, don’t look at that pretty girl, she is your vauju! and Like that Ha-ha.

We have to live in a pressure cooker for a good chunk of our lives and have experienced life in all of its glory. We have to make reports, prepare for tests, vi-VA, and exams. Other than this we wanted to watch episodes, movies, laptop games, and be consistently updated with the worldwide news otherwise what will we discuss with our friends in the college?. We spend maximum time in the canteen and parks (the library is for very exceptional ones). We go for a picnic, birthday celebrations, world cup matches, movie halls, Exhibitions, and various competitions. But still, we have to maintain a good percentage.

Bunking classes without any worry, attending back exams without any hesitation, are some of the common characteristics of engineering students. And when it comes to exams, we have a great tendency to read almost all of the syllabus in just three days, and even face the exam with full confidence. But the confidence lasts for only until we discuss the answers with our friends.

However, results are more interesting though, The one who keeps on telling whole 45 days that I will surely fail the exam will surely pass the exam, and the one who says I will pass, might get failed.

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We have to do lots of things with limited time, so it is always about prioritization. But still, we wait for our crush to cross our class, We search for notes only the day prior to exams, We transfer a bunch of Knowledge from a friend only a few minutes before exam bell. For my non-engineering friend’s engineering seems very vast, but it’s we who make it look so easy.

With lots of ups and downs, many life lessons, and with a mixture of joy and sorrow, Engineering life is one of the toughest but interesting and exciting phases of our life. We should equally pay attention to our studies as well as to our hobbies. Because Who knows? Who is going to be a cricketer,  a footballer,  an actor, a singer, a businessman, a politician?.  and of course who is going to be THE Engineer?

So try to get enough confidence in what matters to you the most and built up yourselves.

Because Confidence is what makes you unique from others.

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