Best Small Business ideas on how to Grow in 2020

10 BEST FREE Business ideas to Grow your Small Business FOREVER!

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Customers are always No. 1 assets for any Business groups or company. Besides the sale, those companies having better ‘customer service’ can gain long-lasting customers & inspire them to visit again and again. I have been running my own stationery for 10 years & I’m still on that. So apart from my study, my work experience seems to be much practical on business ideas where I learn to tackle every type of customer. Especially in non-essential business, it’s crucial to know What they really want, what they think about us, & what’s their psychology as a customer.

After a certain interval of experience, I succeeded to attract customers for a long-lasting period with their own satisfaction & make them visit us time and again.

As well all know, there is tough competition around the market. For the business that is just starting of the same kind, already available in the market, have to go through different difficulties for the initial time & have to keep patience.

Tips to Grow a Small Business into Large Business


Smile is precious in business

One who seldom smiles once or twice in a day, he has no right to stay in the shop for customer service”. Smile is the best thing that you can give to the customer. “Welcome Greeting with a smile” costs nothing to you, but its building a reputation for your business.

Just think, if someone smiles at you, what do you do? Of course! You feel good & smile in return as well. Same matter to every people in this world. Always make your customers feel good about their presence & show some respect.


Be comfortable with customers

First behave as a good friend, understand customers wisely. Always Be Polite. I have seen many shopkeepers who are sometimes, full of tensions & even don’t return to the greeting of the customers. No further talks with old customers as well. Sometimes being quiet, even not asking customers, what they want. And, If the customer has to ask for goods or services before you ask, that might become a bad customer service experience for them.

Don’t let your anxieties disturb you in business. You have to always get refreshed & active all over the business time. Remember always customer is everything for the business. So always try to make them feel good with extra care. Then see how the flow of sales increases dramatically.


Simple & Clean designing of the shop

Remember “first impression is the last impression”. Be well-groomed. Keep the surroundings clean & simple with proper arrangements of the shop items. Light Music at the background will be an added advantage.


Provide better Customer Care Service rather than discounts

Always be polite to customers & remember that Customers are always right. If you offer more & more discounts to the customer. It violates the business policy of the market & the competition will be tough & hard to handle. Rather than you can use some psychological tricks.

For example, “if the customer is confused with so many choices, help them with your personal choices”. I have tried this many times, most of the time it works & customers are really happy with it. Talk about the weather, talk about how the increment in price has adversely affected our livings & if possible try to collect as feedbacks as possible & solve their possible queries as well.


Launch New Schemes in your business

Attention about the new trends followed by competitors, don’t follow the same trick but think about new business ideas before they come inaction by others. Always be updated. This is one of the most common practices of getting customer attention.


Always attend seminars, meetings

There is an amazing amount of knowledge on those spots available at no cost at all. And most importantly, show your identity rather than sitting there silently. Get involved in the discussion, never hesitate to explore your idea in a group. Remember, the more you are involving, the more you will explore new ways of earning money.


Social Networking Business ideas

These days monetizing business is very easy with the help of social networking sites. Out of 10, more than 8 people are there in different social networks. It’s fun as well as a very effective way of publicizing your business. Most of the big players in the market are already there. It’s your turn now. If you are still out of this, get involved, get social & update your business news there continuously.


Keep talking to your customers

Never ever make a customer feel bore, at the shop, engage them in talking & try to get what they actually want. While serving customers via the Internet, try to give the feedbacks & handle complaints as soon as possible. Else the customer will put their ideas, suggestions for your business.

Newspapers, magazines, sound music … these things also play a vital role, in engaging & entertaining people as well. But remember, good customer service is not about making a single customer happy for a long time. Instead, it’s about serving more & more customers & satisfy them in as minimum time as possible.


Print your own shopping bags, Visiting Cards

It’s good for the medium size business in the local market. It’s a traditional yet popular way of monetizing the business. It increases the reputation & for Sure, people get attracted to you & it will dramatically increase your sales. However these kinds of grow business ideas will add extra cost to you. But, in future, you will have a better attraction of customers.


Change your business model

Its human nature that, people get easily bored by having the same thing for a long time. Your business is also the same. Changing appearances, schemes, quality, design, will attract more customers. Be creative & let your creativity earn some more money.

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The above business ideas are the most basic points for any type of business to grow. Wherever you are, whatever business you are having, these sure-shot techniques can help you achieve your business goal. Remember always, Don’t make mistakes in customer service. Else customers will never believe you again. Make a strong bond of relationship with customers either online or in an offline world.

Have a good time for your Business !!!


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