Best Windows 10 apps of 2020

Best FREE downloaded Windows 10 apps (2020) for your PC

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The word ‘FREE’ makes everybody smile. Especially when it is added with Windows software. Here is the list of top 10 FREE Windows 10 apps that you must try. Best free Windows apps which are still popular since the last decade. These essential apps are must-have software for Windows 10 PC.


Top 10 Best Windows 10 apps of 2020, that are still popular since last decade.


1. Open Office

In the No. 1 list of Windows 10 apps, we have OpenOffice. Originally Open Office is a Linux based Office package & the good news is that it is open-source software. When you will be searching for the best alternative for Microsoft Office or if you don’t have enough budget to purchase Microsoft Office, OPEN OFFICE is the best one. Compared to Microsoft Office, Open Office has almost all the features as in Microsoft Office. Open Office is a good package of Word, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, Database. So why not try now. You can download it free at


2. Foxit Pdf Reader

Foxit is the lightweight Pdf reader compared to Adobe Reader having almost all the functionality that Adobe Reader provides. Me & my friend always used to discuss Adobe reader & Foxit reader. But finally, my friend is also using Foxit these days. Hello, I am not paid-up by Foxit. I am just saying that, because I like this software from the very beginning & still Foxit is the best. Try it out, you will find it very cool. You can download the software at


3. VLC Media Player

I don’t have to say much about this Yellow Stripe Cap. It’s the most popular media player these days. Everyone looks like a fan of VLC. Its such a simple, fastest & most durable software I have ever used in case of media player. It supports all of the popular video & audio file formats, with inbuilt “recording plugin”. You can download VLC media player from


4. Free Downloaded Manager

Because it is free, don’t think that it lacks major functionality. But it’s the best among others. For downloading files, software, torrent, videos, Complete website, FTP, …. & many more. Free download manager is the Hottest one with so many inbuilt settings while downloading the files over the internet. And the best part is its interface. It is so easy to use & looks completely like a paid version. Just check it at Happy Downloading !!!


5. Audacity

Recording our voice is fun, & editing it to the number of cool effects & mix with songs, wow! Its sounds very interesting. Here is the free open-source software which is very much beneficial for all stuff you wants related to recording, editing, mixing, composing, etc. I prefer Audacity because it’s the most easiest & most friendlier software to play around it. Though, its Free open source software, it is highly recommended by professional Audio Editors as well. If you are interested in editing sounds & music, just try Audacity. It can be downloaded from


6. Format Factory

Extensive use of mobile phones requires conversion of major file formats, i.e. video, audio, images, etc. Besides this, burning CD/DVD joining large files splitting becomes easy using format factory. Yes! Format Factory is the best among the tools I have used so far because of it so many functions under the same roof. And yes! This is 100% Free. If you have not used the format factory, you are missing something important. Just go to for download options.


7. CCleaner

CCleaner can clean unwanted files from various programs/apps saving you hard disc space, remove unwanted entries within the Windows Registry, assist you to uninstall software and can choose which programs to start with Windows. CCleaner does all those bulky, laborious clean-up jobs seamlessly. And the best part is CCleaner is very lightweight to your PC resources. Download link is:


8. PhotoScape

If you are a photo designer or GIF animator, or simply casual editor, PhotoScape is a very special tool to enhance your creativity. It has various platforms combined at once, so that you don’t have to go software to software for doing some series of tasks. I have been using this software since long & with updates, PhotoScape is getting even more super special for me. It can be downloaded at Just check it out! I’m sure you will love it.


9. Windows Movie Maker 12

There are lots of applications for video editing. But Windows movie maker is the free one provided by Microsoft for Windows users. It’s as simple as ABC. Lots of themes, Animations, Effects can make your video experience a better look. If you are a beginner in video editing platform, Windows movie Maker 12 is a great choice for you. Microsoft’s software are great by the way!  Check it out at


10. Notepad++

Notepad++ is a widely used FREE text and ASCII text file editor that works fine with Microsoft Windows. It supports tabbed editing so that you can work with multiple open files during a single window. Notepad++ is an open-source, powerful, feature-packed text editor that does almost dozens of more tasks than windows default notepad. Download Notepad++ latest version at:



We’ve checked out The TOP10 FREE must-have Windows 10 apps that everybody should try once. And the good thing is, they work fine with the latest windows 10 update as well. And they’re all 100% free! Check the list & If you don’t prefer one among our favorites, just share with us, an appropriate alternative. We will be happy to see your valuable feedback.

Meanwhile, You can download FREE Flower wallpapers for Win10. Thank you. Happy Computing!


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