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TOP Seven Amazing WordPress Plugins for your new site

Are you planning to Develop a WordPress Website?

Today we have compiled the most incredible and important WordPress plugins that will make your WordPress website 10 times better. Check the full article until the end. I guarantee you’ll install all of my recommended plugins as they are extremely popular for every kind of blogger, news site, eCommerce, or business portfolio. So let’s get into action.

List of Extremely popular WordPress plugins

1. W3 Total Cache – Speed plugin

w3 total cache - best wordpress plugins
W3 Total Cache

The option of a speed plugin is mandatory. The quicker your website becomes, the more traffic you can drive because your site is satisfied and Google also prefers a website to load quickly.

W3 Total Cache is a very popular speed plugin out there in the WordPress plugin department. So once you install it just play with the settings or watch youtube tutorial on how to configure it and your website will be extremely fast.

Just keep in mind, whenever you are installing a speed plugin and enabling the options such as minify the HTML, minify the JAVA Script and combine CSS, just make sure you open your site. Because sometimes what happens is that, website behaves abnormally in certain settings.

So just make sure you enable setting one by one and then see the response of your website. If everything is loading fine then it’s working perfectly.

2. UpdraftPlus – Backup Plugin

updraft plus - best wordpress plugins

The next extremely important plugin every WordPress website owner should have is a backup plugin and the plugin we recommend is UpdraftPlus. This is a free plugin. However, it has a pro version but even its basic free version is more than enough.

It is a very common plugin and it is used by so many websites of WordPress. And the plugin is worth applauding, because it has so many amazing features. The most important thing is that you can arrange and do not have to manually make your backup.

Along with this, the mind-blowing feature is that, you can store your backups in Google Drive, Amazon server, or even by the membership of updraft vault. All Free!

It has an automatic or scheduled backup system. You can use this wonderful plugin to back up the entire site such as database, plugins, themes, uploads, and so on. Almost everything. You can also restore the website to any restore point.

Backup is an important part of any website because your website may get hacked at any time or it may be a problem with the website and then you could easily restore your website to a previous version. And I strongly recommend that you have to have a plugin backup.

3. Rank Math – Best SEO plugin in the Market

rank math - best wordpress plugins
Rank Math

The following plugin doesn’t have to be added, it’s one of the most common plugins. The Rank Math is called. There is a New SEO plugin that is among the most popular. The best thing about this plugin is that it is 100 % FREE, which also supports pro features.

Once the plugin is installed:

  • You can add your own Meta title
  • You can add your own Meta description
  • You also have other options like whether you want to add the Facebook title whether you want to allow search engines to index the page or not.
  • Whether you want the search engine to follow the links on your post or not
  • You can define Schema, Google will love it!
  • Redirect 301 Links, 404 Error Page, and so many other pro features.
  • Provide XML Sitemaps
  • Integrated Google Search Console

So all these functionalities given by Rank Math SEO plugin is free to use and hence one of the best WordPress plugins out there.

You can play with the settings which type of content you want to get indexed and which type of content you don’t want to get indexed. Similarly when we talk about taxonomies, don’t want any categories pages to be indexed which is a good SEO practice. Because that leads to duplicate content.

4. Limit Login Attempts Reloaded – Security Plugin

limit login attempts - best wordpress plugins
Limit Login Attempts – Reloaded

In this particular URL, for example,, usually all owners of the site have their WordPress dashboard. So, if someone goes wrong with the username and password three or four times, LIMIT LOGIN ATTEMPTS only blocks the IP to prevent it from logging in.

As you are present on your website, you spend your time, resources, hard work, and money in online real estate. And you want to protect it from hackers. And this plugin is really going to help you. I would also highly recommend that you install this specific website security plugin.

5. Elementor – Page Builder Plugin

elementor - best wordpress plugins

If you want to give your WordPress theme a professional layout. Elementor is the mind-blowing plugin to use.

Elementor is No. 1 among page-builder WordPress plugins. It has a free version as well which doesn’t have all the functionality but still it’s a very popular plugin. Elementor helps you create beautiful post and beautiful looking pages with proper indentation and column structure.

You also have these list article formats with various different icons as well along with embedding images and videos on the post.

if you’re thinking of making money from your website, then you’ve to make it look really good and a page builder is a must-have plugin for any website WordPress website owner.

6. OneSignal – Push Notification Plugin

onesignal - best wordpress plugins

The one signal push notification is another amazing plugin. It sends you a push update, as one signal does. You will be able to see, whenever you open the website, any other website or news portal or amazon, that pop-up will tell you to subscribe to a push notification. On your website you can also add the same functionality.

This plugin can drive much traffic to your website in the near future. To use One Signal notification, you need to create an account and start using the free version. If you cross 30k subscriber mark, Yes there is the pro version which offers more functionality.

Push notification is an amazing way to keep your subscribers coming back to check your website. If you publish a very high-quality post on your website then all you have to do is send a push notification to all the people who have subscribed in to check your article and this will drive in again more traffic.

7. WooCommerce – Turn your website into Ecommerce

woocommerce - best wordpress plugins

If you want to sell something on your website, if you want a fully functional Shopping Site in WordPress, that will be provided by WooCommerce. You can use this plugin if you are selling something, if you are selling membership or a product or a book etc.

It offers a complete e-commerce solution from Product Management to Inventory Calculations. All the functionality that you can think of it is available on woo-commerce, you must check out this particular plugin woo-commerce also.

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So, as of now, you have a list of best free WordPress plugins for your next project on WordPress. However, you can customize WordPress plugins or can create a new one, if only you are good at programming.

Anyways, Seek not to load many of the WordPress plugins. Just add only those plugins which are extremely important for your website. This way you enhance the speed of your WordPress site and make it 10x better.

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