Best health and fitness app 2020

Top 6 BEST Health and Fitness app to Follow in 2020

Your mobile phone can be your daily workout guide for your health and fitness rather than just working out your thumbs. Everybody wants a healthy life, a fit life, but due to some circumstances, they couldn’t get the right path, manage their time, get true motivations, and a daily influencer that can guide them to develop daily habits.

Exercise, yoga, meditation, a night of good sleep, and calorie based food are the biggest contributor in your immunity system that can save you out of the ruthless diseases and viruses like COVID-19. This coronavirus has taught us many things like our health and fitness is the crucial thing that can keep us alive in this dynamic world. As the lockdown is forcing us to stay at home, you have got plenty of time than ever and the major motivation to treat your health and fitness.

And after reading this article your mobile phone is going to be your personal guide for your workout needs. Here we have selected the best app for each category of the health and fitness according to the highest rating, highest downloads, and our immense research on each app.


Most Popular HEALTH and FITNESS apps in 2020


1. My fitness pal

 With the slogan of “Fitness starts with what you eat” and over 11 million of food in its database. My fitness pal app is continuously dominating the health and fitness app landscape.

This app is the best nutrition tracking app and is easy to use. Simply select the meals you ate throughout the day and it will convert into calories for you. You can set your calorie targets and it will do all the mathematical calculations to tell you how much you have left.

This app also provides you with the facility to set exercises and daily diet goals. You can also tap into to get essential motivation, bits of advice, and tips from its vast online community.

  • Rating: 4.5
  • Downloads: 50M
  • Developer:  MyFitnessPal, Inc.
myfitnesspal-best health and fitness apps
My fitness pal


2. Johnson and Johnson official 7-minute workout

If you are short of time, or you cannot manage your time to go to the gym but still you want a healthy, fit and, muscular body. Then this app is for the best we have found. This is the best short workout app that teaches you a science-based way to work out anywhere, anytime in just 7 minutes.

You can select various options in your classic routine like longer, more intense, less intense, and so on, that will help you to get the most of every minute.

Besides its wealthy functions, it’s completely free and you can easily find it on the play store.

  • Rating: 4.7
  • Downloads: 500k
  • Developer: Johnson &Johnson Health & Wellness Solutions Inc.
J-J-official-7-minute-workout-best health and fitness app 2020
7-minute Workout


3. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is the best On-Demand Workout App that helps you reach your fitness goals with high-quality instructions from World-class NTC trainers. However, they are priced appropriately or are free.

Nike Training Club provides many free workouts from targeted training programs, home workouts, yoga classes, and simple bodyweight-only sessions for all fitness levels.

You can also have a lot more interesting features waiting in its premium version like you can even interact live with the trainers.

  • Rating: 4.2
  • Downloads: 10M
  • Developer: Nike, Inc.
Nike training club-best health and fitness app 2020
Nike training club


4. Endomondo

This lovely Green app is the best Activity Tracking app, that will access your activities, as you do them. Generally, Cardio exercises like running are boring and repetitive, So you need an app like  Endomondo to exercise regularly with a virtual trainer.

You can set a goal for your run and it will count distance and time for you. You can even watch the graph of your heart rate while doing any type of work. There are lots of features in it to track your various kinds of activities that will keep you motivated towards the exercises more and more.

As a whole this personal trainer can be in your pocket all the time, you can download this free app through play store.

Endomondo - Best Fitness app in PlayStore (Google)


5. Rock my run

According to the New York Times, The powerful music can increase motivation and enjoyment in workouts by up to 35%. Hence the role of workout music app is really noticeable to make your workouts effective.

Rock my run is probably the best app for workout Music that is embedded with the professional features of DJ quality mixing. It will continuously provide the songs that will match your running tempo with its own playlists that react to your body.

Hence get more motivation with your every workout because music moves you.

Rock my run - Best health and fitness app 2020
Rock my run


6. Headspace

Every workout is incomplete without meditation. And meditation can be fruitful if you can do it in the right way. This app Headspace is a complete guide to health and happiness.

You can learn life-changing skills of meditation to help you stress less, focus more, and feel better. It can teach you some essentials of meditation like how to breathe and live mindfully.

However, this app is not completely free. The subscription will, therefore, include a deeper range of mindfulness exercises. That can help you manage anxiety, stress relief, breathing, calm, focus, and happiness.

Headspace also contains Sleep meditations that will effectively guide you through an unmanaged sleep cycle. It contains some relaxing sleep music and sleep casts to satisfy the needs of restless sleepers.

Headspace - Best health and fitness app 2020



A healthy life is the happiest life. Select the true workout according to your needs and lead yourself to a healthy life. These are the best health and fitness app that you should know. If you know some other health and fitness apps that have brought a positive impact on your health and fitness. Then do share with us in the comment section below.



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