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TOP 7 TRENDING Pandemic Movies like CoronaVirus with Official Trailer

As more people are staying at home & are practicing social distancing, internet users & Television viewers seem to consume 60% more data than before. The sites like Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon prime, youtube, etc. are getting more than enough traffic to tackle. And it might seem crazy that watchers are turning more towards “Pandemic Movies“.

2020 seems to be a cruel year for all humankind. We are suffering from the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus attack in almost every corner of the planet. And people are advisable to live at home, work from home & try to control the outbreak of the virus that has already given big panic to humanity.

Today in this content, we are pointing out Top 10 virus-related streaming pandemic movies.

1. Outbreak (1995) | IMDB rating : 6.6

Outbreak movie is an Action, Drama & Thriller movie. It resembles a real-life outbreak of the Ebola virus. A virus named “motaba” discovered in the African jungle, but it kept secret by the US army. The deadly virus spread all over California later on. The story centers on the virus which is used as a biological weapon that is used for the destruction of humanity.

The cinematic view of the outbreak movie is extremely scary. According to the ongoing movie rankings, outbreak movie climbs within the top 10 most-watched pandemic movies in Netflix alone. Outbreak (1995) movie is directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

Watch Outbreak trailer on YouTube


2. Contagion (2011) | IMDB rating : 6.7

Recent Coronavirus pandemic seems to be similar to the story that is so creatively used up in the Contagion movie. It focuses on how the disease spread all around the world unknowingly with such a minor human touch around the surfaces. The story of contagion looks like a real story as the world is fighting with the biggest pandemic of the century. As a result this movie has climbed over the Top 10 charts of the most watchable movie on Netflix. Contagion (2011) movie is directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Watch Contagion trailer on YouTube


3. The Flu  (2013) | IMDB rating: 6.7

The flu is a South Korean movie & the story focuses on the H5N1 virus which creates a danger for nearly 1 million people in the city of Bundang nearby capital city Seoul. The rapid rate of transfer & killing those who came in contact with this virus within 36 hours, makes the movie scarier. The Flu movie is directed by Sung-Su Kim

Watch The Flue Trailer on YouTube


4. Infection (2004) | IMDB rating: 6.0

Infection is a Japanese movie. The doctor’s mistake gives origin to a new strange illness which becomes viral immediately & starts affecting the medical staff over there. This movie is now trending on Tubi & Vudu as the lockdown is making people stay inside the house. Infection movie is directed by Masayuki Ochiai

Watch Infection Trailer on YouTube

5. The last days (2013) |IMDB rating: 6.1

The movie covers a mysterious epidemic that makes people so afraid that they die when forced outside in an open space. This movie is a Horror, sci-fi thriller that makes Marc (actor of the movie) find her girlfriend without going outside. Seriously, this movie makes an amazing upgrade in Netflix & Hulu Top list charts of Recently watched movies. The last days is directed by David Pastor & Àlex Pastor

Watch The last day trailer on YouTube

6. The Last man on earth (1964) | IMDB rating: 7.3

Because of the coronavirus lockdown, The rise in viewership of the pandemic-related movies has dramatically increased. The Last man on earth is adapted from Richard Matheson’s Novel named ” I am Legend”.  As the name implies this movie is around the surviving story of a scientist where most of the human race is wiped out. It is an action, comedy, drama film. The Last man on earth (1964) is directed by Will Forte

Watch The Last man on earth (1964) trailer on YouTube


7. World war Z (2013) | IMDB rating: 7.0

In No. 7 of Pandemic Movies, we have This is the most recent movie with a completely fictional story about the zombie apocalypse. Large numbers of zombies are put into the screen which is continuously spreading all around humanity. By hard, a cure is made before everyone falls to the serious zombie pandemic which becomes a big threat to destroy humanity itself.. This movie is in high demand for the current viewers.

World war z (2013) is directed by Marc Forster

Watch the World war Z(2013) trailer on Youtube.


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So, this makes a list of Top 7 trending pandemic related movies in several Entertainment platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc. There are several other similar movies. We’ll cover them soon. Please do let us in the comment below, if you think there should be another great movie in the list.

I hope you like the collection & their trailer list. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Source of information: imdb

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