BEST Real Life Inspiring Stories that Touched Heart by Rj Kartik in Hindi

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A real life inspiring story by RJ Kartik, shows that we cannot judge all from the same perspective, as everyone has their own story, have their problems, sufferings, and circumstances.

Here we came to know that the world consists of both positive and negative people. But, it depends upon us that either we want to enjoy the positivity or sink in negativity.

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RJ Kartik Wiki, Personal and Professional Life

RJ Kartik is one of the famous personalities on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook because of his unique way of storytelling and motivation

  • RJ Kartik was born on 22 December 1990 in Jaipur of Rajasthan in India.
  • He is 30 years old as of 2021.
  • He owns a YouTube channel named “RJ Kartik” which has around 1.53m subscribers as of 2021.
  • He also owns a Facebook page having 6m followers and 3.3m likes.
  • He is married and the name of his spouse is Ashvini Vyas.
  • He is YouTuber, storyteller, and radio jockey by profession.

The storyline of the Most Viral Inspirational Story in Youtube by Rj Kartik

Here he shares a story, in which there was a merchant and his wife who lived in a state which was known as the best couple in the state. This is due to their love and loyalty toward each other was so high.

One day King and Queen also came to know about it and then, they decided to know whether that is real or not. So, they went on the terrace wherefrom they used to see the whole city.

They looked at them and they found that everything was being carried out smoothly with love and respect. They continuously observed them for many days and finally believed them.

But a debate rose between them in which Queen was saying that “Every in that relationship was perfect only due to spouse”. But the king denied it and said, “Husband has made this relationship perfect”. So they decided to examine either of them to end the debate.

One day Queen sent one of the slaves to the merchant where the slave said that “Our Queen is madly in love with you so she has proposed that if you will kill your wife then she would marry with him”. Hearing to this merchant politely rejected and said that, “I would sacrifice thousands of Queens for my wife”.

Now it was the turn of the King and the king also sent his servant with the same offer to the wife of the merchant. But, the merchant’s wife accepted the proposal and agreed to kill her husband. And she would do it at 2 pm night and will send the signal.

Hearing this king ordered his soldiers to save the merchant.

Time went on passing and at 2 pm merchant was killed and the king felt guilty. He hated all the women and ordered his minister to kill all the women in his state before sunset. Minister was shocked to hear this. Minister went to the home and told everything to his father who was the previous minister of this state.

 His father advised him to hide ad he will short out everything. Day end and at the Night King with his angry face entered the house of minister where his dad was sitting. The father of the minister told him another story in which his wife died for his husband.

 And told to the king that not everyone is bad there are good people to you cannot punish all due to the mistake of one person. 

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