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Blogger vs WordPress | Which is Best Blogging Platform in 2020

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Are you planning to create a blog site? Seriously?

So what is good for you: Blogger or WordPress? We are going to crack the key difference with ‘Blogger vs WordPress‘ Breakthrough.

Blogger & WordPress both are the biggest blogging platform in the world. There are millions of bloggers who are already doing great using these amazing platforms. Blogger is owned by Google & it is completely free. While WordPress is an open-source feature-rich blogging platform which is free of course, but you need to buy hosting & domain name.

Today we will cover up some basic yet must know points you should know about Blogger & WordPress. And what should you choose with respect to your requirements?

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger WordPress
Blogger is owned by tech giant Google WordPress is an open source platform
Your blog is hosted with Google which is free, reliable, good enough to start blogging for the first time. You blog is completely hosted by you, So it depends on your hosting provider regarding reliability, security & other stuffs.
Blogger has limited tools allowing you to perform specific tasks WordPress has thousands of plugins, so that you extend feature of your blog
Blogger is not so suitable for high-end business websites WordPress is more flexible for business websites & it can be used for long term use.
Blogger has limited number of templates & are free. However you can use some third party professional template (free or paid one) & install to blogger themes WordPress has 1000’s of highly professional free as well as paid professional templates that are highly customizable according to need.
Blogger has inbuilt SEO advantages & its limited. WordPress offer so many plugins for SEO related tasks. And it is very easy to optimize your blog with Google.
Blogger is almost secure and no need to worry about security aspects as it is hosted by Google. WordPress is secure by itself. But as it is hosted on third party servers. So, backups & Security should be considerable by you. However there are several plugins available that will make it easy.
Support is very limited by Blogger WordPress has a very large active community
Future of Blogger is dependent on Google. Future of WordPress is not dependent on any particular company as it is the community of users across the world
Storage limit is 1 GB in Blogger, but if linked with Google+, you can get 15GB extra for uploading photos. Storage limit depends on your hosting provider
Its user interface is simple with limited resources available Its user interface is more user friendly with lots of options to customize.
WordPress versus Blogger

So whatever platform you use, you can make your site win-win with better contents over it.

I hope this list of Blogger vs WordPress will suggest a better choice for you according to your requirements. Thanks!

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