call centre jobs are good to kickstart any career

Why BPO (Call centre jobs) are good for freshers – TOP 10 reasons

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My Point: I have experience of working in both inbound and outbound call centres. I worked there as a Customer Service Agent & Telesales agent as well and I am still in that. Having hands-on experience in call centers, I’d say that it is the best place for you to kick-start your career. So I would rather suggest you to have some experience of call centre jobs before you work anywhere else or start the business of your own.

Are you Fresher? Are you looking for the best Job to start with?


One best thing Call Center or BPO teaches us is to handle different types of customers & convince them with patience. Which, I think, is the most foundation step for the rapid growth of career in life.

You know the best way to make long-lasting money in business depends on the ability to make peoples trust you, make them believe that you are the best & there is no harm in believing your services & your ideas.

Every Business Organization, these days can’t survive just only by selling products over the limited area. There is a need for a service-oriented business plan for every organization to gain long-lasting Success.

Dealing with customers, selling goods, providing product knowledge, make customers feel good about the products, handling complaints, feedback, helping customers with extra services are the key fair points for any successful organization.

For these, all pieces of stuff, customer service over the phone or Internet, is the best way to deal with every business aspect. And to reach over every audience, Call centre plays a vital role.

And here it is good news for fresher. That is, among some of the easiest jobs, that can be found within your city area are Call Centre Jobs, as most of the big players in the market are having Call centres. Only you need to have good communication skills over the phone. (Most probably spoken English)

Call centre are of two types, Inbound & OutBound. Let’s see a general difference :


What is Inbound Call Centre?

These call centres are operated by the company for better customer support, feedback & provide necessary information to their customers. Here the customer is provided a Help-line number (most of the help-line are Toll-Free numbers), so that customers can inquiry for any related service to the company or complains about the services for better support. And the Customer Service Agents are there to serve customers queries.

Inbound Call Centers cover more than 60% of total call centres in the world.


What is Outbound Call Centre?

These call centres are specially for Telemarketing, market research, etc. Just opposite to Inbound Call Centers, Here the Call centre Agents make calls to their targeted customers to make any sales or convince about their products & services.

Outbound Call Centers cover around 13% of total call centres in the world. Rest 27% of call centres are both Inbound as well as OutBound.


So The main Focus is, Why to Join Call Center? Why call centre jobs are the best way to start career for Fresher, newbies?


Here I listed down TOP 10 reason for joining call centre jobs:

  1. Call Centre Jobs are easy to found and pay fine wages according to the nature of the Call Center.
  2. No need of Graduation, even High School passed or running candidates with good communication language can Apply.
  3. Amazingly boosts up your Communication Skills.
  4. Learn to handle different types of customers & convince them as well & be learn to be patience, Thus, enhancing rapid growth of career in life
  5. Dramatically increase the ability to understand the needs, feelings & psychology of the customers.
  6. Outbound Call centres have the most excessive pressure of Work. You might have heard calling Call centres as “Boiling room”. Yes! it’s true. But by the way, If you can make yourself adjusted to that community, I guarantee that, You can get yourself adjusted to any other kind of further job in your life very easily.
  7. The best environment to learn new words, pronunciation, voice tone, speed, enthusiasm, intonation, gestures & expressions while communicating.
  8. If you are the person with a shy nature, less talkative, but wants to improve; the call centre is the best option to start changing yourself.
  9. It helps in developing trust and relationships with clients.
  10. Currently, it is the growing industry, so if you do your best, you can have the same life as an IT employee.



Now the main thing is that it depends on your interest, If you are not a bit interested in call centres, the best performance you are trying to give, you may not be successful. But if you enjoy communication, gossips with different peoples, you can have your safe position there at the call centre.


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