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CAN Nepal send salary to player’s account, which player gets how much?

Nepal Cricket Association (NCA) has sent one year salary to senior cricketers. The one-year amount received from the ICC was deposited by CAN Nepal in the player’s bank account on Wednesday.

According to a source, CAN has already sent salaries to 23 players, including 22 players and a technical analyst. But CAN has not yet made public anything about the 2019 grading list and salary.

CAN Nepal had earlier sent details of 23 players, including 22 players and a technical analyst, to the ICC at the request of the ICC. Accordingly, the ICC withdrew the money on September 1.

The last time Nepali players received their salaries for 2017 and 2018 was in February 2019.

This time all the players in three grades will get 10 thousand more salary. The ICC accepted CAN’s offer to increase the salary by 10,000.

CAN nepal
CAN Nepal


What is the salary of a player of which grade?

After increasing the salary of each grade player by Rs 10,000, now

  • The players in ‘A’ grade have received Rs 45,000 per month.
  • Those in ‘B’ grade will get Rs 35,000 and
  • Those in ‘C’ grade will get Rs 25,000.

Earlier, those in ‘A’ got Rs 35,000, those in ‘B’ got Rs 25,000 and those in ‘C’ got Rs 15,000.


  • A-grade players have received a lump sum of Rs 540,000 a year.
  • B grade players got Rs 420,000, and
  • C grade players got Rs 300,000.

Similarly, technical analyst Raman Shivakoti will get the same salary as a C grade player.

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Which player in which grade?

When he was last paid in 2017 and 2018, there were 21 players in three grades. There are 22 people in the updated grading list for 2019. There are 8 students in ‘A’ and ‘B’ grades and 6 students in ‘C’ grade.

Players who did not play in 2019 have been dropped from the grading, while players who played international cricket in 2019 have entered.

Captain Gyanendra Malla, vice-captain Dipendra Singh Airy and 8 others are in ‘A’ grade.

Grade A:

  • Gyanendra Malla,
  • Paras Khadka,
  • Sharad Bheshavkar,
  • Dipendra Singh Airy,
  • Sompal Kami,
  • Sandeep Lamichhane,
  • Karan KC and
  • Vinod Bhandari.

Grade B:

  • Abhinash Bohora,
  • Arif Sheikh,
  • Basanta Regmi,
  • Lalit Narayan Rajbanshi,
  • Rohit Poudel,
  • Pawan Saraf,
  • Sandeep Jora and
  • Susan Bhari.

Grade C:

  • Raju Rijal,
  • Pradip Airy,
  • Rashid Khan,
  • Ishan Pandey,
  • Kushal Malla, and
  • Kushal Bhurtel.



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