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‘Corona antibody can lasts for 6 months’

A study has shown that antibodies against the coronavirus (Covid-19) can last up to six months and prevent a second corona infection. A study by health workers at Oxford University Hospital showed that.

He was regularly tested for corona infections and antibodies. In that process, the antibody against corona was found to last for 6 months. The study found that the more antibodies a human body develops, the lower the risk of a second infection.

Another study found that the coronavirus family’s resistance to other diseases also worked for Covid-19.

Infectionist Katie Jeffrey said the news was encouraging as the corona vaccine was about to arrive. According to Jeffrey, the study showed that corona infections can be prevented once antibodies have been developed, albeit for a short period of time.

More than 12,000 health workers participated in the Oxford study. Of these, 11,000 health workers were found to have COVID-19 antibody negative. Of those who did not have antibodies during the study, 89 had symptomatic infections.

However, none of those who had developed antibodies had a symptomatic infection. Covid-19 was found to be asymptomatic in three of the people with antibodies. The number of asymptomatic Covid-19 was 76 in people without antibodies.

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