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Top 10 Countries with FASTEST INTERNET SERVICE in the World

Is Internet slow today? What are the fastest internet speeds? Here we present, the Top 10 nations with the fastest internet service in the world.

In the 1960s, the USA started the primary project of connecting cities with cables. And in 1969, the first message was sent using this project from the ‘University of California‘ to ‘Stanford Research Institute‘. This was the most important time, when the concept of the web was taken into action and later it began to rapidly spread all across the USA and Europe.

Now the entire world is connected with the web and it’s adopted by billions of individuals all across the world. Some countries heavily invested in Internet infrastructure to reach the highest point of the web economy. And these investments led to a better number of overall Internet connections speeds tests along with good internet speed for web surfing.

In this article, we are going to explore countries with the fastest internet service, all around the Globe.


10. Japan – 33 Mbps

Japan is one of the strong nations, among the worldwide leaders concerning the Internet economy and the first nation in Asia to initiate internet access. In Japan, almost 100% of companies have access to the web and 97% of households are connected to WWW. The primary initiation of the web in Japan was started in 1988 with a speed of 64 kilobits per second. But in 2020, many operators in Japan are offering Internet connections which accelerate to 1 Gigabyte per second. At this point the typical speed of the web in Japan is 33 megabits per second (on average).


9. Belgium – 34.2 Mbps

Belgium is a Western European country and also the first mainland European country to experience modern industrialization. This nation has one of the simplest internet infrastructures available in Europe. In 1997 Belgium go through a Europe-wide internet program that connected the web in Belgium with most of the opposite European countries with bigger economies. Which gave a lift to the web economy of this country. Now almost 90% of people in Belgium have access to the web. The typical average speed of Internet in Belgium is 34.2 megabits per second.


8. Denmark – 34.6 Mbps

In March 1985, Denmark’s government started rolling out Internet connections across the country and therefore the first to impulse these connections for universities with a speed of 56 kilobits per second. In 2020, Denmark has over 5.5 million Internet users. Which structure 97% of the entire population of this country with an average internet speed of 34.6 megabits per second.


7. Switzerland – 35.2 Mbps

Switzerland is a small nation located in middle-south of Europe and sharing a border with three of the major economies in Europe. That’s France, Germany, and Italy. This location makes Switzerland a hub for major internet developments in the past. And it has got the very best concentration of Internet connection altogether of Europe. At present, Switzerland has over 7.9 million Internet users which are 94% of its population. And has the seventh-highest average internet speed of 35.2 megabits per second.


6. Australia – 37.4 Mbps

The first permanent internet access in Australia was established in1989. The primary broadband service was started within the 1990s with speed up to 64kilobits per second within the coastal regions of this country. In 2020, people in Australia can enjoy net surfing to gigabits per second. Currently, there are approximately 22 million Internet users active in this country. That’s 87% of the entire population with a mean internet speed of 37.4 megabits per second.


5. Singapore – 39.3 Mbps

Before the web, Singapore was the primary country within the world to launch an interactive information service to the general public within the year 1987. And later it was converted to the web with starting speeds of 2 kilobits per second. At present, it is taken into account together of the efficient and well connect internet economy with 4.95 million peoples connected. And average speeds of the internet is 39.3 megabits per second, which makes Singapore’s internet fifth-fastest internet service provider to its citizen in the world and second fastest in Asia.


4. Netherlands – 42.4 Mbps

Netherlands, similar to Switzerland, has the foremost broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants with minimum internet speeds of 50 megabits per second for fixed-line connections in 2020. It has 16.4 million Internet users within the country with average internet speeds of 42.4 megabits per second. Sound Amazing yeah! Netherlands is a beautiful country with 4th position in Internet speed overall in the world.


3. Canada – 42.5 Mbps

According to the Canadian government, peoples of Canada spend longer online than anyone else within the world with an average of 45 hours of internet usage monthly. As Canada is closer to the most powerful internet economy within the world ‘United States’, Canada benefited majorly in terms of economy and investments in Internet infrastructure. In 2020, Canadians enjoy average internet speeds of 42.5 megabits per second with 34.6 million users which are 93% of the entire population of this country.


2. Norway – 48.2 Mbps

Norway is located at North-West in Europe. It is a country with one of the very best percentages of Internet penetration within the world. That’s 99.3% of the entire population. Recent ‘open signal’ data for May 2020 shows 3.51million out of the 3.55 million people in Norway enjoys a mean internet speed of 48.2 megabits per second. Which makes it the second-highest within the world and No. 1 fastest internet service provider in Europe. The latest reports suggest that it’ll increase soon, as this country is investing heavily in developing its 5G data networks.


1. South Korea – 52.4 Mbps

South Korea is an industry leader in Internet technologies like 4G and 5g. The web Protocol network, i.e. IP networks in South Korea were started in May 1982. Which is one of the earliest internet placements within the world? In the current scenario, South Korea has already launched nationwide 5G internet facilities which makes them one among the earliest adopters of 5G technology within the whole world. In 2020, South Korea has the fastest internet speed of 52.4 megabits per second on average. 49 million out of 51 million population are actively working with the world’s fastest internet connection in South Korea.


So, Who has fastest internet service? … It’s South Korea.


The global average download speed has gone over 11Mbps in 2020. Which is accounted to be “fast Internet”. Countries with average speeds below 11 MB/s are considered to possess slow speeds. So it might take just 12-14 minutes to download a high definition movie with average global speed. You can easily go for Video Conferencing up to hundreds of clients at the same time. However, the info is changing frequently as soon as the new technology invents.

And what’s your internet speed as of now: Do allow us to know within the comment section below. Thanks!


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