How to create a strong password

How to Create a STRONG PASSWORD in 7 EASY Steps

There are billions of websites over World Wide Web & counting more. Most of these sites need registration for the entry process. It becomes a hardship for most of us to remember the password for hundreds of sign-ups & equally headache to keep a strong password for security purposes.

Here we have complied creative password tips & tricks for all this comprehensive work to make it easier than ever.


Strong password generator basic rule.

Always use Alphanumeric keys with special characters while choosing a new password. Don’t ever use some common dictionary words like apple, greedy, etc. Also the phone numbers used as a password are much venerable from the security point of view. They are very easy to break even with simple hacking techniques.

e.g. password like Iw2b@dT0P is the strong & the easiest to remember. How??? See Tips no. # 3


Manage your password precisely

Never save your password anywhere in your PC & don’t even share with your close friends. Passwords like an E-mail account, Social networking sites & some other sites that you use quite often; write them in your private diary. Some passwords: as used in Banking Transaction are too sensitive. Make them top-secret & frequently change them with new passwords after a certain time interval.


Strong but memorable password, Make yourself.

One of the easiest methods of remembering a password is: make a sentence & use the initial or final character as a combined word. For example your sentence is “I wanted to be a successful person” … so make “Iw2b@SP” a password. It’s explaining the same meaning as in a sentence.

However, it depends on how cleverly you use your brain! It’s up to you.


Make one strong password and link all your account to that single account

Keep your password as long as possible but it must be memorable to yourself. However, in case of different sites you have made an account on, make one e-mail account in a genuine site such as outlook, Gmail or yahoo, with the strongest password possible & link all other registered sites to a single e-mail account. It will help you regain the password, in case you forget. And do remember to update your password within every 3 months


Be aware of the application you are using

Do not allow any application to store your password. While in cyber café, its good habit of using private browsing, or in case you didn’t use, don’t forget to clear the cache, browsing history, & saved data within the browser. It’s the most common mistake that most of the users did unknowingly.


Be aware of the unknown links

In your e-mail account’s inbox, there might be several messages from different sources, and they are so engaging to make you click over their hyperlink. Beware of those links, which are not trust-worthy or are come from unknown sources. Just delete them & re-direct them to the spam folder, or if there is an unsubscribe option at the end of the message, you can take action over it. Remember, if you allow your mouse to click over the link, It might take away your personal data along with a password. Next time, your account might be a victim of hacking.


Bulk password generators

Creating a powerful password for every site you log in is very difficult. However, there are several software available online that are used to generate a strong unbreakable password, like LastPass, RoboForm, etc. These password safety tools can remember your passwords, so you don’t need to. You only have to remember one master password, & this software let you create a very strong password for each of the sites. But beware of false applications, that might ruin your belief from the online world.

And last not least, always remember to use secure browsing while login, see https:// on the beginning of the site URL.

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I hope the above tips will make you feel proud after reading this article. So, pretty good attention to passwords can keep you safe in this wild world. Happy Surfing!!!

Similarly, we would like to get your ideas as well. Please do share we will use them in our upcoming update with your permissions.

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