Devices replaced by smartphones and made obsolete

10 Devices replaced by Smartphones and made Obsolete

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The advancement of technology has gifted many precious things to human civilization and smartphone is one of the best creations so far. Because of their wide range of features, benefits, and versatility, smartphones have turned out to be one of the inseparable parts of human life. Smartphone offers us multiple features that actually resemble many other gadgets but we can access those features directly and efficiently through smartphones. And we are going to explore exactly those devices replaced by smartphones.

But with the rise of smartphones, plenty of gadgets have started vanishing as we have stopped using then. Here we are going to describe some gadgets that are in such a phase. We will get to know about the Top 10 devices replaced by smartphones which can be easily found on Google Play StoreApple app-store for Free.

Top 10 devices replaced by smartphones

10. Torches / Flashlights:

Torches / Flashlights are ranked 10th in our list of top 10 devices replaced by smartphones. They are one of the most useful as well as easy to use gadgets for us while traveling in the night, working in dark & lot more. But smartphones have almost replaced them.

Everyone, these days, carries a smartphone and their smartphones have a small yet powerful flashlight on the back which gives a sufficient amount of light in the dark and its intensity of light is almost similar to that of a typical handheld torch/flashlight. And this type of flashlight in smartphone don’t need any special application or modification. Hence make it easy to use.


9. Sound recorders:

On number 9, we have a sound recorder on our list of the top 10 devices replaced by smartphones. A device that is used to record important audio clips and listen at the time of need is regarded as a sound recorder.

Nowadays smartphones have inbuilt sound recorders that offer us the same performance as a sound recorder even with higher quality than those traditional methods. So the use of sound recorders has almost limited to certain criteria because of smartphones.


8. Clock/Watches:

The gadget that is ranked a number 8 in our list of the Top 10 gadgets replaced by smartphones is clocks/watches. Due to our busyness and regular involvement in various activities, getting regularly informed about time is very important for us.

This service was provided to us by clock/watches and also other services like alarms are provided by them. But the fact is we need to carry an extra gadget, wristwatch or clocks at home for accessing these services. Now after we have been introduced to smartphones, we don’t need to do that.

Smartphones have inbuilt applications of clocks/watches which offer you all the services of those clocks and even more features like stopwatch, timers, alarm clock, etc. So what you think, did we still need an alarm clock?


7. CD/DVD Player:

After people have easy access to smartphones, gadgets like Audio & video players has almost been stopped. Now we don’t need any special players for VCD, CD’s, DVD’s or USB Drives to access them. We can simply rely on our smartphones with ease and without any modification.

There are several free as well as paid applications that are used to play audio or video files and also support multiple file extensions as well. Similarly, you can find cables or UBS dongles to make the displayed project to a bigger screen.


6. Calculators:

Calculators are however not completely vanished by the technology today yet they are gaining popularity over time. Some calculator apps have extra functionalities like binary calculation, matrix calculations, logarithmic calculation or equation solution, etc. Hence solving our mathematical problems better than just calculating the normal arithmetic.

As we rely on smartphones for calculators, we do not need to carry a big bulky calculator in our pocket. It increases our productivity on the go. However, some areas like schools, colleges & shop keepers are still using calculators for normal & speedy calculations over big buttons.


5. Pocket Note Diary:

Those were the days when people used to keep pocket diaries to point some important notes such as to-do lists, phone numbers, reminders, etc. And now we are doing this stuff in our smartphone which makes it so easy to use for every aspect of our daily routine. Along with several other attractive features like autosave, multi-color, inbuilt alarm with reminders, save pics, videos, links, etc. along with content management facility.

However, those who are carrying feature phones & feel uncomforting on using this technology are replying in pockets note dairy. But the number of those is very low.



4. Point & Shoot Digital Camera:

The camera is used to capture incidents, events either in a picture or visual format. And their popularity & usability has a long history. But the usage of the camera has gone drastically down because of smartphones which comprise all the facilities of a camera & even more like “taking selfies”.

Smartphones these days can capture Higher resolution pictures & video recording is up to 4K with several features like slow-mo, AR, Time-lapse, bokeh effects, etc. However, DSLR cameras are something different & still separable from normal cameras like in smartphones.


3. Video Gaming Console:

Video Gaming Console is a part of the entertainment activities of the 21st century. Kids and even adults to seniors easily get addicted to the gaming world. And smartphones make it so handy & connected that even we can play with our partner wherever he/she is around the world. Meanwhile, VR set brings the game to the next level.

Several paid, as well as Free games, are available in smartphones & yes they have almost replaced the big bulky video gaming console, which is rarely found these days.


2. Calendar:

Time & Date is important to we humans, everywhere we go. And the way we look at time & date, is completely changed by our smartphones. Several calendar apps are available in smartphones which give us a better look & feel of date, events & also we can set reminders to any particular date as well.

Applications like hamropatro have all the features of a normal calendar plus very easy navigation & several other features. Hence, Calendar comes in No. 2 in our list of Top 10 devices replaced by smartphones.


1. Radio:

Radio is a source of immense entertainment along with news & happenings around the world. And this piece of hardware is also inbuilt within smartphones. These days you can listen to the radio in both offline & online platforms. For both medium, smartphones become a great tool to play radio stations.

It also has some extra features that are auto-record, auto-search, timer, etc. Several companies have stopped producing radio, as their sell is down like a waterfall. So, Radio ranked in our 1st category on the list of top 10 gadgets replaced by smartphones.



Besides this, there are several other things like newspapers/ magazines, terrestrial televisions, etc. that are getting less attention because of their digital user interface via smartphones.

I hope this list provides satisfy your need for information on this topic. Looking forward to your feedback & comments. Thanks!

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