Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2021

Does Donald Trump deserve the Nobel Peace Prize 2021?

The Corona epidemic has caused a great deal of controversy around the world. One of them is US President Donald Trump’s recommendation for the Nobel Peace Prize.

With two months to go before the US presidential election, the news of Trump’s ouster became public on Wednesday. He is again seeking a second term in the presidential election. He hopes the Nobel Peace Prize will brighten his image and influence the election.

We can estimate the Trump’s enthusiasm for being Nobel nominees by the fact that he tweeted 17 times in half an hour. He also retweeted a tweet from a person saying, “Why did it take so long?”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany spoke at the press conference on Wednesday. She spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. Yesterday the White House celebrated the award by issuing a formal statement.

Last September, Trump questioned the Norwegian Nobel Committee for not awarding him the prize. “I could have won the Nobel Prize for a lot of reasons, if they had made a fair decision,” he said. But they don’t. ‘

He also said, “They gave the award to Obama (former US President Barack Obama) as soon as he became president. But Obama doesn’t know what that was for. ”

This is not the first time Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Prize. Earlier in 2018, he was also recommended. Although he was nominated for his role in disarming North Korea, he did not receive the award. This time around, he recommended that Israel play a “crucial role” in the peace process between the UAE and Israel.

Looking at the history of the Nobel Prize, it cannot be said that Trump will not receive the prize. In fact, four US presidents have won the noble peace prize so far including

  • Theodore Roosevelt in 1906,
  • Woodrow Wilson in 1920,
  • Jimmy Carter in 2002, and
  • Barack Obama in 2009.

Three more presidents were nominated for the Nobel Prize. They include

  • William Howard Taft,
  • Herbert Hoover, and
  • Franklin Roosevelt,

But unfortunately did not win the award.

Recommendations say Trump fits all criteria to be selected in the Nobel Peace Prize 2021

Trump’s name has been recommended by Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a right-wing leader in Norway. He claims that Trump’s ‘criteria ‘ for the Nobel Peace Prize will be reached in all respects.

In an interview with US television channel Fox News, he said, “I think Trump has done more to bring peace between the two countries than any other nominee for the Peace Prize.” He has met all three criteria set by Alfred Nobel for the award. ‘

He claims that the agreement will open the door to lasting peace between Israel and many Arab countries. The Gjedde have stated that they do not support Trump. He called on the Nobel Committee to reconsider its position on Trump’s actions.

In an interview, Gjedde said, “Trump has broken a 39-year stalemate in which US presidents have either started a war or involved the United States in an international armed conflict.” Only Jimmy Carter, a Nobel laureate, has walked this path before him. ‘

The same Gjedde nominated Trump for the Nobel Prize in 2018 along with another legislator. Trump held his first meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore at the time, during which the two leaders signed a joint agreement on the full disarmament of the Korean Peninsula.

At the time, even South Korean President Moon Jae-in was of the opinion that Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize. In response, Trump thanked Moon for his words, “very nice, and very loving.”


Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021 is not as big as he thinks

Hundreds of people are nominated for the Nobel Prize each year. Nomination provisions are loose.

There is a provision for any nation, head of state, and national level leader to nominate for the Nobel. Similarly, university professors, directors of foreign policy institutes, former Nobel laureates, and members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee can also nominate. No written invitation from Nobel is required for this.

There are no concrete criteria for who can be nominated for the Nobel Prize. Any of the above mentioned potential proposers can be nominated. Due to this loose arrangement, many people have been nominated for the Nobel Prize. For example, in 1939, German dictator Adolf Hitler was nominated. He was nominated by a Swedish lawmaker, but later withdrew.

Trump’s second nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize has also come as a surprise to many. Known as the “pluralist” and “conservative” president in the history of the United States, he has twice been nominated by critics. There is a divided opinion in the United States as well.

Nominations submitted before February 1 of the year for which the award is nominated are accepted for competition. 318 people have been nominated for the Nobel Prize 2020. The winners are yet to be announced. Trump’s nomination is for 2021. The Norwegian Nobel Committee does not provide public information on nominees.

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How strong is Trump’s claim?

Trump has been the subject of constant controversy and criticism since he was elected president. As president, he played a role in dividing rather than bringing Americans together. Countless decisions he has made during his tenure have failed.

Trump has not been able to come up with the right strategy to deal with the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. As a result, the United States is now number one on the list of Corona-affected countries. Trump’s role in world politics is also not memorable.

Many understand that the image of the United States as a world superpower has been tarnished during his tenure. The US economy has also collapsed. No neutral American, except for the blind, can call Trump’s five-year term a success.

Trump has failed in diplomacy. He started talks with North Korea but could not reach any conclusion. North Korea’s disarmament was limited to paper. US relations with China continue to be strained. Even India, which is under its control, is not happy with Trump. Trump’s non-diplomatic theories and immature style is irritating in many countries. He has soured relations with the United Nations over his impassioned decision to expel the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO).

These are the issues of government incompetence. Let’s say that the Nobel Peace Prize ignores these issues and only looks at Trump’s role in world peace. The nominees say Trump has played a key role in the Israeli-UAE pact and is eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize.


So the question arises as to how important that agreement was to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2021?

Nobel Peace Prize
Nobel Peace Prize

Last August, Israel and the United Arab Emirates signed a peace deal aimed at improving relations, which the Trump administration says is its own initiative. Under the agreement, Israel agreed to relinquish some of its control over the West Bank. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed signed a joint statement with Trump.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. They argue that this proves that Trump can establish a stronger US position on the world stage by making important geopolitical deals. Nobel nominees have also signed an agreement between Israel and the UAE, which they have given to Trump.

Of course, this is an important agreement. This is the third agreement between Israel and the Arab states since Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948, and the first between Israel and the Gulf Arab states. But the important thing is that Palestine should be a partner in this agreement. However, Palestine has not ratified the agreement. That’s why critics see it as just a publicity stunt.

Analysts say the agreement will not significantly transform relations between the two countries. Palestinian President Mohammed Abbas has called the deal a “betrayal of Palestine.” How the Nobel Committee interprets the agreement can now determine whether Trump will receive the award.


Why US President Barack Obama was awarded with Nobel Peace Prize?

barack obama
Barack Obama

Nobel laureates have also been accused of being opaque and politically motivated. Some have even claimed that money is involved.

Some past decisions reinforce such allegations. In 2009, US President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He described the Nobel Committee as “extraordinary in its role in expanding international diplomacy and promoting people-to-people contacts.” But analysts called it ridiculous.

Obama was accused of giving the award to please the world superpower. Because Obama did not play a significant role in the world to win the Nobel Prize. He had been in the presidency for only nine months. Therefore, his choice was criticized as a politically motivated and immature decision.
Incumbent President Trump tweeted in 2013 that Obama’s Nobel Prize should be revoked.

At the time, he wrote, “According to a recent book, our Nobel laureate president has said, ‘I am very good at killing people.’ Can Oslo (Norway’s capital) cancel his award? ‘

Former Secretary of the Nobel Committee Geir Lundestad later said, “I’m sorry to hear that. Even many of Obama’s supporters thought it was wrong. Obama himself had responded that he had not made a concrete contribution. He donated 1.4 million to the charity.



The Nobel Peace Prize is considered the most prestigious award in the world. In the past, great personalities like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and many others have been nominated for this award. However, the prestige of the Nobel Prize is declining due to repeated erroneous decisions.

A five-member jury appointed by the Norwegian parliament selects the winners in various categories. The winner of 2021 will be announced in October of that year. We have to wait for the same day to satisfy the rest of the curiosity.
An online poll conducted before Trump’s nomination showed that Trump had a 1 percent chance of winning the Nobel Peace Prize. However, after the nomination, the probability has risen to 5 percent. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has the same potential as Trump. Also, the outcome of the US presidential election could make a difference in his candidacy for the award.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is the strongest contender for the Nobel Peace Prize. According to the survey, his probability is 20 percent. She was praised worldwide for her role in controlling coronavirus in her country.

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