Happy Tihar

Happy Tihar! Tihar begins with crow being worshiped today

Crow festival is being celebrated today by worshiping the crow under the second big festival of Hindu.

Today, it is customary to feed and worship the crow, who is considered to be the messenger of Yamaraj. Crows have been worshiped with the belief that they will convey a good message to Yamaraj.

Although this year’s Yamapanchak started on October 12, the Crow Festival falls on October 13. Similarly, Dhanwantari Jayanti, Dhan Triodashi, and Dhanteras festivals have also fallen today. The Nepal Panchang Adjudicating Committee has stated that this was due to the change of date.

Similarly, a dog festival with a hell bath in the morning and Lakshmi Puja in the evening on October 12. The committee has stated that Kartik Krishna Chaturdashi will be held till 1:49 pm and then Aunsi Tithi. There is a classical law that Lakshmi should be worshiped on the day of Aunsi in the evening. The bath and donation will be done on the morning of October 15.

The Nepal Panchang Adjudicating Committee has stated that cow, ox, and self-worship should be done on October 15. Sunday until 11:27 a.m. is the New Moon date. After that, as Kartik Shukla Pratipada will start, Mhapuja should be performed on this day. Ram Chandra Gautam explains. Mhapuja is traditionally performed especially by the Newar community.

Bhaitika festival is celebrated on the main day of the festival on Monday, November 16. At 11:37 in the morning, Bhaitika’s site was excellent, said Chairman Gautam. The committee has stated that the auspicious site of Capricorn Lagna, Taurus Navmansh, and Abhijit Muhurat has been given to those who are looking for a site even though there was no obstacle to vaccinate them on Monday afternoon.

The committee has also stated that the new year of Nepal Samvat should be celebrated this year on the day of Bhaitika. As the second date is only till 7:04 am on November 17, the committee is of the view that it will be scriptural to celebrate Bhaitika on November 16.

From this day, Nepal Year 1141 begins. According to the scriptural promise to celebrate the New Year on the day of sunrise on the day of Pratipada, such a decision has been made. Gautam told.

Some organizations of the Newar community have decided to celebrate Bhaiti on November 17. Therefore, the government has also given a public holiday across the country on November 17.

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