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How to Boost Immune System? Fight against Coronavirus with These 10 TIPS!

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After the Coronavirus Pandemic takes place, People are more conscious about their health than ever before. Everybody is looking to boost immune system naturally. So, How to strengthen your immune system naturally?

A slight change in the climate and you suffer from awful diseases like common colds. Various types of viruses and bacteria always seek an opportunity to enter into your body by various means and make your body as their own home and replicate themselves to make you ill.

However, you have some security guards of your own to fight against the viruses and bacteria, which is your immunity system which mainly consists of the collection of the white blood cells or T-cells. You need to have proper functioning of your immune system to make you safe against these discomforts. And here we go with the Top 10 Ways to Strengthen your immunity power naturally.

Healthy Habits You Should Include in Routine to Improve Immunity

1. Foods that Boost Immune System

Vegetables Boost immune system
Foods that Boost Immune System

During viral or flu season you might get sick easily due to your weak immune system. Just give some priority to your diet and routine and you would be one of those few who stand tall even in the viral or flu seasons. Wouldn’t that be a proud moment for you?

For this make sure you have all of the A, B, C, D, and E’s in your daily diet to strengthen your immune system naturally.

Vitamin C is one of the biggest boosters for your enhancing your immunity power. Easily available Citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, Spinach, Strawberries, and Broccoli can fulfill the quota of Vitamin C in your body

Vitamin B6 supports our biochemical reactions. You can get the supply of Vitamin B6 from the yummy chicken as well as delicious green vegetables.

Vitamin E itself is the powerful antioxidant, It helps our body to resist the viruses and bacteria from entering our body. It is also readily available in foods like nuts, seeds, and spinach.

All the fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts are naturally loaded with the nutrients that are essential for our immune system. The only thing we have to do is to make a suitable combination of these foods and consume them daily.

2. Say NO to Stress | Boost Immune system Fast

Avoid stress to boost immune system Fast
Avoid stress to Boost Immune System Fast

There might be some strong reasons for you being stressed but you should know that stress highly reduces your immune Power. When we are stressed, our body releases the hormone called “Cortisol”. This hormone interferes with our white blood cells and generally reduces the first line of the defense against pathogens. And hence the viruses and bacteria will easily enter our body.

You can practice the method of taking 10 consecutive deep breaths if you ever felt you are stressed. Or you can also practice yoga and meditation daily to reduce stress levels.

3. Strengthen your Immunity with Yoga and meditation

boost your immune system with Yoga and meditation
Boost immune system with Yoga and Meditation

Life runs as long as we are breathing. You all know how important breathing is to us? If you want to check just stop your breathing for 1 minute and see what happens. Sorry, you wouldn’t be alive to experience it.

So breathing is undoubtedly very crucial for our life. But some slight changes in the breathing can change your life drastically, yoga is all about proper breathing that can exercise all the internal organs like lungs, veins, and arteries by circulating the pure oxygen all around the body.

On the other hand, meditation will help you to make your mind peaceful.

Try giving an initial 20 minute of the daily morning time to yoga and meditation and you will see some drastic changes to your body and meanwhile, strengthen your immune system naturally.

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4. Boost Immunity system EXCERCISE

Exercise boost your immunity power Very fast
Exercise boost immune system Fast

Slight exercises regularly will undoubtedly boost your mood and energy for the rest of the day. You will be at an optimum level for the whole day. Regular exercise mobilizes our white blood cells that protect our bodies against infection. And hence, strengthen your immune system naturally.

However extreme workout can weaken our immune system. Immediately after the rigorous work out there is a slight decrease in our immune system for an hour and can make yourself prone to viral infections.

Remember, Life is awesome when you are healthy. And you are healthy when you have Strong immune system.

5. Drinking Water Benefits – Boost Immunity!

Drinking Water boost your immune power
Plenty of Drinking Water boost your immune power

We have 75% of the water in our bodies. You can imagine, how important water is to our body?  Hydrate yourself more and more to make your immune system properly functioning. It is seen from the experiments that your mind works 10% more efficiently if your body is hydrated properly.

Don’t hesitate to carry a bottle of water always with you. Hydrate yourself in every opportunity you get in the whole day.

However try not to fulfill your quota of daily water with tea, coffee, and other beverages, they will dehydrate you even more and decrease your immunity power.

6. Sleep is Important. So, What time sleep?

boost your immune system naturally
Proper sleep can strengthen your immune system naturally

For a healthy immune response adequate sleep is equally important. Our body heals and regenerates while we are asleep. Lack of sleep won’t able our body to produce and distribute key immune cells like cytokines (that can fight inflammation) and T-cells (That regulate the immune response). Due to which our immune system will be less able to resist the harmful invaders into our body and we will be more likely to get sick.

So, according to the national sleep foundation, all adults should get at least 7 hours of sleep per night to optimize their health. And if you are the one who has to travel to different time zones regularly then you can consume 2-3mg of the melatonin to resist the circadian rhythm(A daily cycle of activity observed in many living organisms.)

If possible be away from the electronics at least two to three hours before bed.

7. Sunlight Strengthen your immune system Naturally

Sunlight strengthen your immunity power
Sunlight strengthen your immunity power

Many peoples generally miss the sunrise due to late night works. It’s quite a pleasure for our eyes and at the same time, it helps to boost our immune system as well. Do you know due to the lack of Vitamin D we might face deadly respiratory problems? And to produce Vitamin-D in our body you should know that sunlight is the major contributor.

Hence a short walk of 10-15 minutes in the sunrise can prevent you from laying on the bed of the hospital for many days.

8. Moderate consumption of alcohol can boost your immune system

Moderate consumption of alcohol boost your immunity power
Moderate consumption of alcohol boost your immunity power

Excess amount of alcohol is always associated with negative health effects. And high alcohol consumption can weaken our immune system and due to which a person is the likelihood of pneumonia, alcoholic liver disease, and certain cancers.

However, if you drink occasionally research has shown that moderate alcohol consumption can make you healthy but the consumption should be within the limit i.e. 1 drink per day for a woman and 2 drink per day for a man (1 drink = 4-ounce glass of wine)

9. Don’t smoke | Smoking Kills you immune system

Smoking Kills your immune system Fast
Smoking Kills yous immune system Fast

Anything toxic will affect our immune system. The smoke of the cigarette contains nicotine, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and cadmium. And these chemicals can interfere with the growth and functions of the immune cells and worsens viral and bacterial infections.

On the other hand, it also increases the chances of Cancer. So if you currently smoke, for the sake of your health just get rid of it soon. And this is the best time to convince yourself. However, if you can’t get rid of smoking habits, use some alternatives like nicotine patches or electronic cigarettes which are less harmful.

10. Chronic Disease Prevention

Control your chronic disease to boost your immune power
Control your chronic disease to boost your immune power

Long-lasting diseases that require treatment for long durations like asthma, heart diseases, and diabetes are called chronic diseases. A person suffering from chronic conditions are likely to take more effort to recover once they get sick. Hence their immune system is already weak to fight against the infections.

So, be sure to control your chronic diseases with top medications, healthy habits, yoga, and meditation in time so that you can recover your immunity power.

Conclusion on How to Boost Immune system?

These very common points can play a vital role to boost and strengthen your immune system naturally. Make sure to have a balanced diet of natural vegetables, consume as much variety of fruits as possible, hydrate yourself from time to time.

At the same time make your routine for sleep early wake up early. The best time to sleep from 9-10 pm with the best time to wake up at almost an hour before sunrise.

Give yourself some warm ups with yoga and meditations and enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

And if you have some more suggestions regarding ‘How to Boost immune system Naturally?’ Please let us know in the comment section below. Thanks!

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