how to use whatsapp web on PC

How to use WhatsApp Web App on your Computer?

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps, allowing users to share updates to mates, relatives, and colleagues automatically. WhatsApp is a popular free message service with over two billion users worldwide by 2020. For various mobile systems including Android, iOS, Windows Phones, BlackBerry, & even for JAVA platforms, WhatsApp has been launched.

Most people use the WhatsApp Chat they used to have on their phones, and prefer actual buttons over touch screens. However, we do have various ways to mount and use WhatsApp Messenger on your Computer.

WhatsApp Web for PC –

Here we are showing step by step process on

  • How to use WhatsApp on your PC?
  • How to Login to WhatsApp Web app?

Step by Step Process on Using WhatsApp on your PC.
The WhatsApp web app is by far the easiest and most powerful way to use WhatsApp on your phone. WhatsApp Web requires no download software and supports most browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, etc.

This will take Just 1 minute

  1. Go to URL:

    how to use whatsapp web on PC

    Open any of the browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc) in your PC & go to URL: or just click the link given above.

  2. Open Whatsapp in your Mobile

    Open the installed WhatsApp app on your phone. It works in iPhone, Windows Phone, Android Phone & Blackberry.

  3. Go to Whatsapp Chat Screen

    whatsapp chat screen in Andriod

    Open the Whatsapp Chats screen and Click Menu (3 Dots) and then Tap on the WhatsApp Web & then click on + sign on the right. Your Camera Should open looking for Code Scan.

  4. Scan the QR Code

    Scan the QR code shown in the URL: using your phone. & just wait for a moment to verify the connectivity.

  5. Use Whatsapp on PC. Enjoy!

    whatsapp on laptop Screen

    Now it’s Done! You can use WhatsApp on your PC.
    Keep in mind that, WhatsApp Web use your smartphone to route messages. So you should be online on your Smartphone as well. A stable internet connection is also necessary, as all messages sent and received are synchronized in devices connected to your account.

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