Inspirational Story in Hindi with English Storyline. Best Heart Touching Story by Rj Kartik

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We found this video super informative and motivational. In this video, Rj Kartik tells us about people having many problems in their life with an awesome example of “sacrifices of the poor boy” and the suggestion of a rat.

He said no one listens to people’s high voices or high pitches. People listen to those who have a strong voice.

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Inspirational Story in Hindi with English Storyline. Best Heart Touching Story by Rj Kartik Inspirational Story in Hindi with English Storyline. Best Heart Touching Story by Rj Kartik

Watch it now: A super inspirational heart-whelming Story

Who is Rj Kartik?

RJ Kartik is an award-winning Radio Jockey, Motivational storyteller, Tiktok star. He is well known for creating motivational stories content on his YouTube channel named “RJ Kartik“

  • He was born on 22 December 1990 in a Hindu family.
  • His hometown is Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
  • His Zodiac Sign is Capricorn.
  • He is married to Ashvini Vyas.

Motivational Video by Rj Kartik: REVIEW

 The boy listens to the rat and he starts his journey towards the Gautama Buddha ashram.

On the way he found people asking a question and they want an answer from Gautama buddha as he told them about he is going to the Gautam buddha ashram.

When he reached them he asked all the questions but not his question he sacrifices his question. Gautama Buddha answered all the questions he asked. He told all the answers to those people who helped him to reach the Gautam buddha ashram. 

After telling the answer about the turtle he got money/diamonds and the turtle became a dragon who was waiting to became Dargon for 500 years.  After that, he told the answer to the priest who was there for 1000 years and he went to heaven.

And at last, he answered the old woman’s that her daughter will talk after her marriage only and he got married to her daughter.  He got everything he wanted in life by sacrificing his question. He settled down. 

The main thing in life is if you can’t sacrifice anything in life you can’t go ahead or you can’t get anything. You should help the needs one. By the suggestion of Rat, he became happy in his life. 

Listen to the above Video & You will feel really amazing. This is a super dose of inspirations those who are looking for betterment of life & success.

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