Millennial vs Baby Boomer | Interview session

Millennial vs Baby Boomer | A Smart Story

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Let your imagination fly with the Beautiful story of Millennial vs Baby Boomer

How would it be when a lately joined employee oppose the manager’s working style who is having decades of experience, or perhaps a student opposing teacher’s, lecturer’s and professor’s management style. If you think you know the answer, I have a better story to share with you.

I don’t like the way you talk, and your management style aren’t updated, you seem to use the one that has been valued decades ago, a newcomer at his boss, who had almost couple of decade experience at the organization.

Who are you to teach me as to how I should talk and behave? You are just in, what do you know about how corporate function?

Mr. Avinash and his anger toward his newly entrant employee Mr. Pankaj, during a product training session with 17 new recruiters from different colleges, and institutions.

The team unquestionably varied with different skills, abilities, and perspectives. They even had their graduation from Ivy league institutions across the planet.

Mr. Avinash, turned red, clueless and shattered. The boss who had been governing the business from the past two decades with a great administrative acquaintance, was defied by the new recruiter.

Mr. Avinash surely did not have a good day, with a new guy at his 24, which was the worst experience dealing with the millennial. But the manager was probably not going to see Mr. Pankaj as lightly as he would have dealt with someone who always nod their head on what manager has to say about the way they think, behave and command.

Mr. Pankaj never turned out to be the one alike. The very next day, Mr. Pankaj was called upon for a meeting at the senior manager desk, you have a complaint over, yes sir Pankaj replied to the senior manager.

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You are not at all supposed to talk like the way you did, our employees never counter-argue with any of our seniors, they just nod their head for what we say. And I think that is the best idea to move ahead in life and career.

We had run this company from the last 4 decades and we now have 16 more official branches and a huge chunk of clients. A new guy talking like that to the manager is probably not a good sign of yours to make the future.

Pankaj opened, yes sir, but the manager needs to be more empathized on what their employees feel about the way they behave and treat.

This is a different time, if we are the same as the one who used to be a decade ago than what changes have we made? And what is the difference? I am probably not the one to nod my head, I presume Mr. Avinash needs a broader perspective to lead a crowd like us, sir. The senior manager was no exception.

I don’t understand this millennial generation, what they think about the baby boomer? Do they ruminate they discern much more than we do? What is this Millennial vs Baby Boomer graph line? He continued, I have brought the company at this level, how could I forget all my hard work, all ups and downs.

And we have a system where we want each of our employees to listen to us and obey our command. If they need to seek out for a great career and promotion ahead they must provide their consent over the idea of their boss.

I will show him who I am. Mr. Avinash during his meet with Baby Boomers. Showing his frustration over Mr. Pankaj among many other co-fellow members.

Mr. Avinash could not digest the way Pankaj contrasted his style, and guts to oppose profoundly entrenched culture and the manager’s behavior towards employees. Months slips into the quarter, a quarter slips into six months and a year has gone by, the company witnessed, less morale, demotivated, and less productive employees despite the incredible recruitment.

Manager and senior leaders surprised to see their plummet first-year result.

The company called out for a meeting with the senior management along with Pankaj and 4 more from his team.

Top-level managers shared how great they have done from the last couple of decades, but this time around the company has lost its way. They blame the newcomers and millennials, that they were not aligned with the company’s objectives.

In the meantime, Pankaj raises his hand gently and asked if he could put his viewpoint forward at the underlying issues that the company has faced recently.

Only hiring talents doest help organization to prosper, employee value his/her managers’ style of leadership that goes with the need of our times, obsolete style makes employees depressed, less passionate and Leading with empathy means you’re fostering an environment where people feel at ease—clearing the path for them to perform at their very best.

What does that look like? At its core, it’s about hewing a know-how with employee needs in mind. Display employees that the company is invested in supporting them so that they’re, in turn, willing to invest their time and energy in supporting the company.

As he went on to speak, he told me, I have seen the company’s great results over the past decades, on the flip side a deep downfall and most talented have left out.

We cannot compare what and how we manage team then, but now if we need to take leadership then the managers must manage their level of egos and accept the fact that the new generation is better updated, with a new perspective of the world they are supposed to lead.

If employees don’t find their manager shrewd, then they don’t value their experience. They may even check their manager’s ability to lead them. Then only they will stick to the company for a long time. Millennials are better exposed even before they joined the company. And this is the most effective differentiation between Millennial vs Baby Boomer.

I perceive the company needs to have that humility to a great extent and it is the management style that can make or break the team. He concluded.

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Millennial vs Baby Boomer | A beautiful Story

No managers at the company had encountered a millennial like Pankaj. It was hard for the managers to have that humility. The session was indubitably a new turn around for most of the managers, what they perceive about their skills and capabilities as strength once was now no longer in need or needs some more dimension to be added if they had to deal with the present generation of workforce.

25 years later when Pankaj had to lead a huge chunk of crowd, he had opened the doors for only those who see things differently and he never taught them a single thing.

And 25 years from now if Pankaj wants anyone to replace him with the finest substitution possible, he/she got to see what will be the next future style of leadership. Does this easily apply to all organizations? Maybe not. if it does to any company, I would want to build or work for.

Millennial vs Baby Boomer age?

  • Baby boomers age ranges from 55 to 73 as of 2019.
  • Millennials age ranges from 23 to 38 as of 2019.

This is the end of the article. Hope you enjoyed the article “Millennial vs Baby Boomer”. Waiting for the your suggestions down below in comment section.

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