7 Most Useful Windows 10 features that you might be missing

Latest Windows 10 features that you might be missing

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Operating system Giant Microsoft has stopped working on a new Operating system after Windows 10. However, windows 10 got updates as soon as a new feature is released. More than the world’s 90% of computers are using windows OS. And almost 70% of them are with windows 10. Here today we bring some cool 7 windows 10 features that might be very beneficial for you. Just give them a look.

Top 7 Features of Windows 10

1. Night Mode

This is one of the best features in Windows 10, that adjust your PC color, contrast & filter blue light to keep your eyes safe from unwanted radiations. These days, most of the applications are coming up with this feature, as it seems very useful to keep our eyes safe. Just type “Night Light” in the search bar & adjust it as per requirement. You can also adjust it according to the time frame as well.


2. Storage manager

Unlike in other versions of windows, in windows 10 you can see every detail of your hard drive storage. This is such a nice feature that gives you a detail of everything regarding any drive such as used space, System reserved memory, Temporary files, etc. Along with this you can further go in detail in each category & take the required action. This is one of the most awaited ones among the latest Windows 10 features.


3. Snipping Tool

This is one of my favorites. You can capture & save any region of the windows, highlight it & also create some indication using the tools available on the menu-bar of the snipping tool. This is very helpful while making tutorial videos or using some graphics related tool.


4. Sticky Notes

Since long this has become the most useful feature in windows several versions. Especially, if you are working in an office where you need to set several reminders & to-do lists, this feature will make you smile. This is one the best way to take notes & reminders on your PC. Sticky notes are very popular utility as they are equally helpful in reducing paper posting used in the office for reminders. So follow sticky notes & reduce paper waste. Go Green!


5. Shake Feature

This is amazing seriously. If you have so many windows open at a time. And you want to minimize all the windows at once, just click on the title bar & shake it a little bit & see what amazing will happen! All background windows will the minimized automatically.

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6. Dragging windows

If you do lots of multitasking & need to open 2 more programs at a time. You can just drag any windows to let or right & it will automatically fit with half size of screen & the rest half will be covered with other opened applications. So, not need to resize the applications. Just drag them to left or right & see the magic.


7. Game Mode

Windows 10 has inbuilt Gaming mode, that can help you play the large game even if your system specifications are not so great. Meanwhile, you can play games & record them at the same time. This is automatic by the way, however, you can open the game bar on the Control panel or setting of your PC.


I am sure, you might have even more tips & tricks then I have posted above. Please do share below in comments. I will be really happy with it.

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