New Features added in Twitter, Now you will lose the tweet in 24 hours

The microblogging site Twitter is preparing to change its established identity of a simple and hard-nosed platform with only 280 characters.

Under this, Twitter has announced various new features. As announced by Twitter on Tuesday, Twitter will now have a feature in which users’ tweets will be deleted automatically after 24 hours.

Along with the Disappearing Tweets feature, Twitter has also announced an audio tweet feature.

Like Facebook’s story feature, Twitter’s feature that loses tweets in 24 hours is called ‘Fleets’. Such a storage feature was first launched in 2013 by Snapchat and became very popular. Then Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube also started this feature.

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Self-deleting tweets in 24 hours are different in some ways from other normal tweets. Because others on Fleets can’t like, reply or retweet. Users can react to such temporary tweets or send direct messages. It’s like Instagram and Snapchat.

Earlier this year, Twitter began testing the Fleets feature in Brazil for the first time.

At the top of the Twitter feed, such temporary tweets or fleets appear.

Many Twitter users are reluctant to tweet what they like, as the thoughts or tweets expressed on Twitter cannot be edited and remain a kind of permanent expression. The feature of self-deleting tweets is brought in 24 hours to make it easier for the users to experience and to reduce the pressure to present their expressions and events, Twitter said in its blog post.

As mentioned in the blog post, by the end of this year, Twitter is bringing a new feature called Voice Tweet feature that can be tweeted in voice to the general user, a feature that can send voice even in direct messages and audio space.

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