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One Day Old CEO (Chief Executive Officer) – A Management Story

You quit? You lost the job you always aspire for; it took you almost 27 elongated years to reach the zenith of triumph. Team leadership, efforts that you put, result that you fetch and value you have twisted just gone all on futile. I haven’t seen you in all my year’s career. A CEO (Chief Executive Officer), a great leader, much more expectation from the company.

I am surefire It will be too grim to find your adequate replacement. I don’t qualm the company’s board has precluded your resignation. My mother severely ill, yelled from her bed as she was bedridden from the last 5 years, so old as she is. she happened to be a vice president of one of the fortune 500 companies.

I answer, you are the one who gave me a great lesson about management, anything contrary from your end with my decision will be a harsh reality mom. I could not agree more, she replied.

Alex 24, final semester at his MBA from one of the prestigious institutes, curly hair, 5.78 inches with an unusual aspiration.

More than 200 students with the speaker on, program director speak, we are here in introducing our next guest lecture Mr. Jordon who happened to be a successful entrepreneur, a coach, and an author, who has a profound craving in teaching and training management students and struggling entrepreneurs.

Mr. Jordon was welcomed at the stage. His speech was one of the best. Amid the session, he asked. What is that you dream of when you walk out of this college?

Anyone at the series in the row could answer. Each student as per their inimitable potential, expressed their own future goals, some said, they want to start their own business, the other wish to join reputed companies, the answer was kind of mixed one.

At the 79th students at the 6th row, Alex took his turn, sir I aspire to be a Chief Executive Officer the day I graduate from school.

A Chief Executive Officer? Without experience? Mr. Jordon continued.

It takes decades of experience and incredible success records and leadership proficiency to be the one. But I can help you train some skills of a manager and a leader if you wish so that you can make a huge difference as you go out to the corporate world. Mr. Jordon concludes.

Not most were unknown about the skill and abilities Alex possess, but his answer was something to pay more attention to. He didn’t even talk to anyone, unlike the other days.

Hi Alex, you reached? you look bit wretched, is anything wrong with you? No mom I am just tired with a long guest lecture today. Ohh a guest lecture! you must have a great leaning with a new figure, so who was invited.? Mom asked, an experienced entrepreneur Mom.

Alex replied. I hope your campus recruitment is round the corner, and a couple of months to finish your graduation. Do you have anything prepared? A muted sip of coffee and a cookie at right hand Alex retorted, Mom 12 giant companies are visiting our college next month, but I would like to get recruited for directly to CEO. A Chief Executive Officer! are you thoughtful my son.

No suspicion, you hold all the possibilities but it takes stacks of serenity to be the one, my son.

The title is not what you need to chase, it is a mammoth responsibility to depict like a CEO, You got to think that you are already a CEO or a manager of the company the day you join so that you can feel like the one, and then act and start behaving like the one you aspire to be.

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The position is all inside our deep mind my son, but the huge responsibility from a lower position is going to distinguish an outstanding player from a mere employee. No doubt if you hold this idea I am definite everyone working with you going to notice, don’t you wait to be a manager, work like them then you can feel like a CEO from the very first day of your work.

Alex just keeps thinking about his mom’s understanding of leadership and management, a retired vice president with numerous accolades, recognition, and leadership award under her belt. A constant motivator she was; her mature advice was something Alex can’t deny. He was much clear about what he is going to do and accomplish his goal in life.

Morning sir, we got to find the next paramount substitution for Mr. Alex, he has given the resignation from the CEO. A resignation? What you are talking about? Yes, sir, he is too adamant to amend his decision.

How can this be possible, Do you have any idea about what went wrong with him? he is the supreme person I know, its pretty tough to find the reasonable replacement of Mr. Alex, I am sure we are going to lose all the immense client if this occurred.

There is no one in the pipeline whom we could substitute, he is superlative. The conversation among the board members endures for the rest of the day.

Everyone wants to see the resignation letter, but no one could believe their eyes. Alex was called upon for an exit interview the next day, top management people and especially the board members want to know why Alex has taken such a colossal decision.

I am sure no competitors lure you by now, one of the members from the board asked, Alex, bowed his head down for some time, drank a glass of water, after a short while later he replied, you know I didn’t quit I was already a CEO from the day I join.

I had industrialized something unalike perspective for leadership amid my race for Chief Executive Officer from the last 27 years, now I am a no longer danger to anyone who wishes to chase power and position.

I don’t know if CEO is for me, Alex relied on. The other member of the board with a second question I still remember you want to be a CEO the day you start your job and you work hard from the last 27 years to be a CEO and now you quit, how does that make sense to you? CEO no longer makes any sense to me now.

The title is in my mind, but performance needs no position, I still can think, feel and act and behave like a Chief Executive Officer, you don’t need authority to act like a CEO despite your position at any level, and no one can stop me from doing that. Now no more greed for the title.

I have performed like a CEO from the last 27 years without having the title, CEO does make pretty less sense to me now, my perspective has changed to a vast degree.

I am sorry the company doesn’t need any CEO, you need better employees who feel they are the CEO from the day they join, at all levels of your company, then see the next big cultural transformation.

As Alex left the meeting, giving everyone a novel standpoint for organizational leadership.

He rushed at home, as he opened the door, his mom was still asleep, asked her if she needed anything to eat, it is only when he realized that she was no more on the next day morning when Alex wants to spend his whole life together with his mother with an expectation to learn more about her journey as a Vice- President.


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