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Oxford University’s coronavirus vaccine is 70 % effective

The vaccine against coronavirus (Covid-19) developed by Oxford University in the UK in collaboration with Extrajeneca has been shown to be 70 percent effective in preventing infection. The vaccine was found to be 70 percent effective in a final human test conducted by the university.

Earlier, the Corona vaccine, developed by US companies Pfizer and Moderna, was found to be 95 percent effective in controlling the infection. However, the vaccine manufactured by Oxford is much cheaper and easier to store than the other two vaccines. The regulator also recognized it as a corona vaccine, which experts say could play a key role in controlling the epidemic. The UK government has already pre-ordered 100 million doses for the vaccine. Through which 50 million people can be vaccinated.

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About 20,000 volunteers from Brazil and the United Kingdom took part in the final phase of the vaccine. Half of them were vaccinated with corona and a half with a dummy vaccine. A study conducted after the completion of two doses of the vaccine showed infection in 30 people who received the corona vaccine and 101 people who received the dummy vaccine.

According to the study, volunteers were given two “high” doses of the vaccine, which provided 62 percent protection. However, people who received the low-dose vaccine had a 90 percent chance of contracting the infection.

The Oxford coronavirus vaccine can be easily stored in Nepal

The corona vaccine, which is being developed by Oxford University in the UK in collaboration with the domestic company Extrgenica, has been found to be easily stored in Nepal. According to Oxford University, the vaccine can be stored at “freezing temperature” (2-8 degree Celcius).

The results of the successful test of the vaccine of Oxford University, which can be stored in the general vaccine, have been made public, even though the vaccine has already been made and there are fears of problems in its storage in Nepal. Also, this vaccine can be distributed through the equipment available in the market now.

Earlier, US companies that tested successful, Pfizer and Modern, said they needed very cold temperatures to store the vaccine. Pfizer vaccine storage requires a temperature of about minus 70 degrees Celsius. Moderna also said that a temperature of around minus 20 degrees Celsius is required to store its vaccines.

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