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Positive IMPACT of CoronaVirus Lockdown – A Bright Side

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COVID -19 coronavirus become the world’s pandemic on 11 March 2020 (source: Wikipedia). Since then several countries have tried lockdown to control this deadly disease. Thousands of deaths are caused by a coronavirus, and almost all the countries are forced to lockdown, as a result, the world’s economy is dropping down by trillions of dollars every day. Several basic needs of humans, sports, development activities are affected by lockdown. 2020 become a black year for the whole planet. Meanwhile, some good positive happenings happened on our planet. We are dealing with Top 10 positive impact of world’s largest lockdown caused by coronavirus so far:

A Bright Side of CoronaVirus Lockdown

Big drop in air pollution

New data analysis shows (source: CNN reports) that the shutdown caused by the coronavirus outbreak has led to big drops in air pollution across the world’s major cities. Tiny dust particles & NO2 declined to almost one-third to half in some major cities like London, New York, Kathmandu, etc. The air is much healthier and these are big changes for environmental benefits.

Rise of the ozone layer

Ozone is the protective shell of our mother earth which protects us from the harmful radiations coming out from the sun. And we humans are the reason for its duplication since long. Now, after the lockdown, the declination in Carbon mono oxide is the factor for the rise in the ozone layer. And this is really good news. However ozone increases are small, but if aids good advantage concerning the environmental scenario.

Better environment for wildlife

We, humans, are not only the creatures who are sharing this planet. There are thousands of other species on this planet & we don’t have a right to degrade their shelter by creating unhealthy competition in developmental sectors. So far, this coronavirus lockdown has a positive impact on wildlife who are living in land, air or water.

River water have self-cleansed after lockdown

Rivers have a property of self-cleansed up to some level of pollutant materials. But with the excessive garbage & chemicals mixed with the river has made the water resources dirty enough. This coronavirus lockdown makes the rivers so fresh even in the polluted cities like Kathmandu. Reporters say that Water of the Venice canals reveal floating fish inside, which are otherwise not visible.

Non-renewable energy saved

Do you know, more than 90% of energy is generated using non-renewable energy sources these days? Can you imagine how much fuel is consumed in a day worldwide? The average fuel consumption only used-up by flights in a day is 15 million liters, now you can imagine how much is used up by all the public & private transportation, ships, industries, generators. However this lockdown saves the little portion of fuel, but it’s worth it for us, & our environment.

Developing habit of yoga

Yoga is the most reliable protocol based exercise in the world. It is said that, yoga was practiced since 1000’s of years in India. And now it is re-invented by Respected Baba Ram dev from India. Yoga is the World’s no. 1 self-exercise pattern that boost up our immune system. Experts & even WHO recommend yoga to keep us healthy & safe from several 100’s of diseases. During this lockdown period, people seem more conscious about yoga & they are giving their time to make yoga their daily habit. And it should be.

Yoga for fitness

Increase in personal care

Almost everyone in the world is less or more, affected by the situation that’s happening globally due to coronavirus. And that’s why people are giving a look to their hygiene & continuously improving it to make them less venerable to the deadly pandemic like corona.

Vegetarian people are increasing

Our human digestive system gets optimized by vegetarian food that we get from the plants. But these days, more than 90% of the people around the world are non-vegetarian. And if this is limited to egg, fish, hen, goat & similar creatures, it’s okay for a while, but if we go for snake, pigs, bats, & other unhygienic creatures for the sake of tongue taste, this is problematic. This coronavirus pandemic has taught people a great lesson & people are opting veg lifestyle.

Natural Foods are gaining popularity

Packaged foods, hybrid foods are those which uses taste enhancer such as MSG, are like a slow poison. People are knowingly or unknowingly getting the victim of such poison & making them sick. Choosing powder milk over cow’s milk, choosing artificial breads over chapattis, choosing cold drinks over fruit juice, etc. are the main reason for making a weaker immune system. And after this pandemic, people became aware of artificial packets that comes up with several chemicals to keep them tasty over a long time.

Lockdown period with family

Coronavirus lockdown has gathered families to control the rapid transmission of COVID-19. This brings a good opportunity to spend quality time with family & hope people will be habitual to it & try to maintain it somehow daily. The balance between personal life & professional life is very important. And people are adapting it somehow.

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Deadly virus COVID-19 is vanishing humans from all over the world. However, we must take quick actions in changing our brutal behavior to this planet, so that we can keep ourselves alive for some more generations.

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