Secrets No One Talks About Quantum Speed Reading

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What is quantum speed reading?

Imagine something about word Reading…

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You must have imagined something like this. This is what we think about Reading.

Now look at the image below…

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What are they doing ? You must have thought that they must be playing some game or doing something for fun. But NO, they are reading from the book. And this is called Quantum Speed Reading(QSR).

QSR needs no opening of the book. In QSR the book is just held up in front of the reader’s face and pages are flipped rapidly just using the thumb, much like when preparing to shuffle playing cards.

How quantum speed reading method emerges & become popular?

In Tokyo, one day MS Yumiko Tobitani, ace instructor, told children to click on pages of a book easily, slowly, and thirty times in total. Each child did this at the spot where they were most relaxed and after finishing they came back to their seats. However, there was one child who stayed back and involved in the book. After some time that child came back to his seat and simply said ‘That was really fun!’. MS Yumiko asked him what was going on and he replied “I saw pictures coming out of pages and I understood everything in the book.”

Yumiko immediately understood that a feature of the right brain picture was operating with this child through her experience as an instructor of nonlinear learning. The right brain is closely related to speed. When a book is flipped at high speed, then the words become symbols and appear as pictures.

The right brain can communicate information to everyone.

This is called Resonance.

Therefore when everybody has a desire to learn it or the desire to see it, this ability gets transmitted to everyone as resonating vibration. It gave rise to an entirely new way to read books, and Yumiko chose to refer to it as “Quantum speed reading.”

Midbrain Activation & Quantum Speed Reading

The advance of midbrain activation is Quantum Speed Reading. In Quantum speed reading students can read the book by flipping its pages.

They don’t open the book like traditional learning to read it. It is also known as an advanced level of Midbrain Activation.

Children can read the book of 100 pages in 30 minutes time. It helps them in their study, especially during exam time when they need to revise their whole book in a very short period of time.

There are two parts of our brain. Students can do word to word reading by their left brain. It is very time-consuming. It needs hours of reading to complete the book by normal left-brain reading.

The contents of the book are accessed by the right brain in Quantum Speed Reading. The right brain can read in the form of pictures. So it can read a hundred times faster than the left brain. The memory storage capacity of the left brain is very limited. We cannot remember for a long time which is stored in the left brain.

The right brain has long term memory storage capacity. The contents of the right brain are therefore automatically stored in the long term. And after a long time, we can easily recall them. So students have to read Quantum Speed for a long time to remember it.

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