Inspirational story by Osho

Explore your hidden possibilities: A Inspirational Story by Osho

Osho’s Inspirational Story makes people change their perspective of visualizing the world. Every Inspirational Story is based on some practical example that seems true to the world. Here this story is entitled to explore our inner possibilities that we are unaware of. Seriously.

A Short Inspirational Story on Positive Attitude

Every seed is entitled to be a tree, but they don’t all become once. Although the seed has the potential to be a tree, it is also necessary to sow it & fertilize it. The seed must break up, to disintegrate & to die as a seed so that it can become a tree. Only the seed which is ready to disintegrate & disappear into the soil is transformed into a tree. And if we look at the tree & seed together, placed side by side, it is difficult to believe how a tiny seed could turn into a large tree. It seems impossible.

It seems impossible that a little seed can be transformed into a larger tree. We have always had this feeling whenever we looked at men like Krishna & Buddha. Standing near Krishna we felt that it was impossible to be like him. So we said, “You are godly & we are just ordinary persons; we cannot be like you ever. You are an avatar, an incarnation, & we are just petty people who can crawl somehow. It is not in our power to be like you. “Whenever a Buddha or a Mahavira has crossed our path, we have touched their feet & said, “You are Tirthankara, an incarnation, a son of God, & we are very ordinary people.”

How can a seed believe that a large tree is hidden in it?

If a seed could speak it would say the same thing to the tree, “You are godly & I am an ordinary seed; how can I be like you?” How can a seed believe that a large tree is hidden in it? But it is a fact that today’s large tree was once a tiny seed, & the tiny seed of today will turn into a large tree tomorrow.

“Unfortunately, religions have limited us to worship. But how can a seed become a tree by worshipping it? like a river can become an ocean by simply worshipping the Ocean.”

Infinite possibilities hide within us. But so long as we remain unaware of them, no scriptures & no god-men, however loudly they declare it, can prove their existence. And that is as it should be because it is sheer deception to believe what we don’t know. We should say that we don’t know that truth is. But it is equally true that a few persons have known truth. And a few others have known these people, & their whole lives have been transformed through it; they have seen celestial flowers blooming all around them. But we cannot have it just by worshipping them.

Encourage Yourself for being limitless

However much an egg worships the bird, it cannot spread its wings in the sky. The eggs will have to crack its shell; it will have to disappear as an egg first. When for the first time a chick comes out of its shell, it cannot imagine that it can fly. Seeing birds on the wings, it cannot believe that it too can fly. Even as its mother flies, even as the mother urges it on to fly, it lacks confidence, it feels shaky. It sits on the edge of the bough & gathers courage. Because how can one who has never known flying believe that it can fly & go on a long journey in the vast sky?

Bird learning to fly- Motivational Story
Bird learning to fly- Motivational Story

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