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Learn to Speak English fluently and confidently with 13+ Best Tips

People these days are always looking for shortcuts. Shortcuts for getting success, shortcuts for making money, shortcuts for study in Exam. Even looking for shortcuts in “Love”. How crazy! Indeed, how lazy people are today? You & me, altogether ‘WE’ belongs to the same category, because you came here to see, what are shortcuts to speak English without any hard labor. And look!… I am already here to serve you…!

Is English the hardest language to learn? … No, Not at all.

Whatsoever, As we see, English is the most widely spoken language over the planet. So here and there, everybody seems to learn English by hard. Some are engaged in memorizing vocabulary, definitions, however, some are writing word-meanings hundreds of times.

But seems still unsatisfied.

Its human nature that, Everybody wants the fun way to achieve anything in life. We are always seeking for the most adventurous way, not the boring hard-work way! Is that possible? Do you think so? … I can’t say about others, but if you are trying to learn English without giving much effort to Study, Study, and only Study.

Here I am going to share Top 5 ways for “How to speak English properly

How to Learn English x3 Quickly without Study?

Every Language has three basic parts. It’s incomplete without Listening, Writing & Speaking. Here what I share is, What I used to do. However, it is not the universal rule, right for every people. Maybe it sounds great for you. Maybe, it’s casual. It depends on your choice of Learning.


#1. Learn English with podcasts, Radio Channels.

This is the most simple way of learning English along with lots of fun and entertainment at the same time. Try to understand, the way RJ’s are speaking, try to catch their fluency levels & the way they are having gossips.

This way your Listening gets improved dramatically. Just make it a daily habit & Most importantly, Try to find out the best English radio station of your locality or If you are connected to the internet, just google there.


#2. Look for a better conversation on Facebook & share your views accordingly :

Don’t afraid of grammar rules, just share what’s your point. Don’t think, “what people will say about you” its online world, & people have no time discussing your faults in writing & you don’t need to speak English with anybody. Just be yourself while writing or sharing ideas.

Be patient, with time, your collaboration will improve dramatically. You don’t need to learn bulk English vocabulary. This is one of the best tricks, that makes me good at English as of now.


#3. Help Tourists at your place :

My friends always take me to the destinations, where there are lots of foreigners. This was the very best way to collaborate and to help gain some confidence while talking. And most importantly, English talking becomes a lot of fun.

How cool the scenario is, when you are taking to unknown people & nicely collaborating with them as well.

This is the sure-shot technique. If you are lucky to meet tourists & have a bit of courage to talk with them. Just go. After all, if they are alone, they must be seeking a company. Like, you will seek, while going to some new place.

It’s so common saying that “knowledge expands in sharing”. It works everywhere in life & it’s a nice pattern for learn.


#4. Talk English to yourself in the mirror or sing English songs with lyrics :

This is my daily exercise still. I used to talk about my happenings, the problems, some probable solutions. All in English. This exercise, not only makes me confident in Speaking English while talking, but also makes me feel good about this life.

I used to feel positive, while talking to myself in top-secret conditions too. I share everything, what I feel, what I like, dislike, etc. And well, as I am a passionate lover of music, I used to sing my favorite songs with written lyrics either in printed form or on the web.

Did you have ever tried singing English songs along with written lyrics right in front of you? If you don’t understand English songs much, listening like this, is amazingly fun!


#5. Make a passionate circle of English Crazy Lovers around you :

As we all know, to gain any success, team effort plays a vital role. If you are surrounded by those people or friends, who are crazy about English & want to improve like yours.

You can achieve your goal very early with high productivity. So start making your Rocking “Speak ENGLISH” Group & make a strong commitment to learning English. Try for basic English learning ideas. Go, practical guys!


Besides this, I research over internet & post the findings as below.

  • Play debate with your friends or play flashcards with English wordings.
  • Read the signboards, advertisements, magazines, etc. whatever you found around you.
  • Meditation plays a vital role in any learning process. It keeps you mentally as well as physically alert. So never abandon it!
  • Join some English Seminars or English Institutes for better outputs.
  • Don’t try to memorize the difficult words, which you will never going to use in your daily English practice. Learn the most simple & basic ones.
  • Watch English movies with original Subtitles & yeah! watch with full concentration.
  • Make a diary. Write daily notes, & make it a regular habit or just write the post about Random Topics, whatever you like.
  • Play Puzzles, games, read English jokes online or offline, and share with your friends.

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Remember one thing! The only qualification you must possess before starting English classes is your innate passion for the Language. “No matter If you born or studied in Darchula of Nepal or London of UK, English is a “Crazy language” that you can learn anywhere. if you have a burning desire to be a successful English Native Speaker, Learning English is total FUN!

So what you are waiting for, tune the Radio, make a good friend circle & Enjoy the English Music with written lyrics. Best of Luck! HAPPY LEARNING

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