starting a youtube channel in 2020

What You Need Before Starting A Youtube Channel in 2020

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Thinking of starting a youtube channel in 2020?

Youtube seems to be an ever-increasing video sharing platform around the world. More than 5 billion videos are already uploaded to youtube. Thousands of creative minds & companies are using youtube to entertain people, sharing knowledge, promote their products & services. Along with earning decent money. Thus a trend of starting a YouTube channel among youngsters is increasing.

The bandwidth, we have these days, is enough to handle live streaming. As the trend is showing, maybe in future the all the current TV channels will shift to YouTube. The convenient way of watching TV is slowing declining around the world. Internet giant like Facebook & youtube is taking their place. So obviously, it should be a mouthwatering career for the passionate people of this field. Yes! Of course, it is. Starting a youtube channel is Damn easy.

Starting a Youtube Channel?

What equipment do you need to start a YOUTUBE channel?

1. Video Capturing Device

These days, almost all of the smartphones above 100$ are capable of recording Full HD video at 1080p resolution. And this is more than enough for youtube videos for a starter. And because of the huge competition in smartphones, especially in the Camera section, now you can find amazing quality videos with manual controls as well. If there is OIS or EIS, you can have more stable non-shaky videos while recording or can apply video stabilization from the software itself.

2. Lighting Device

The best quality of light is sunlight. Go out in nature & shoot with natural colors. The best timing to get amazing quality light is before 10 AM in the morning & after 4 PM in the evening. However, if you used to record inside the room or at night, I guess normal LED bulbs will also do great. But fix them in a better position, so that light will be scattered equally over your face from any angle. Besides this, I will always suggest you shoot with natural light. Thus this saves your extra expenditure & you will get stunning video quality.

3. Video Editing Software

Now that, you have a smartphone. You can use highly professional video editing software that is free of costs such as Viva Video, CyberLink or Kine master. There are lots of features along with a green background effect. Hence, there is no need of purchasing a bulky laptop with an expensive i-series processor, if you are just a starter. Later on, you can go with it.

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That’s it! You just need to spend 0$ on extra things except for your smartphone & Internet/Wi-Fi charges. This is a superb idea to save your pocket money & start creating awesome content. When you are able to get some money from your channel, you can create an expensive studio, High-performance PC system & can purchase a DSLR camera. So, let’s start with what you have & start NOW!

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