stay productive at home during lockdown

7 BEST ways to Stay productive at HOME during Lockdown

This is probably the first time in history that lockdown is imposed all over the world. For the generation younger than the ’80s this is a completely novel situation. And in this circumstance, many of us are worried about the never stopping time that is slipping away from our hands day by day without any productive ideas to implement.

We are worried about our future, we are worried about our career, our study and we are completely uncertain about the upcoming time. However, we are lucky enough to get such valuable time to relax ourselves from our busy lifestyle, spend some quality time with our parents and relatives. At the same time, we can even make this time more productive.

How to make your lockdown period more productive?

Let’s do something that we always wanted to do. Complete anything that you have started earlier and but due to the lack of time you have left it, in between.

Let’s make your CV more strong so that, you, after lockdown won’t be the same you, before lockdown. Add some ingredients to your mental strength and do some workouts to gain physical strength. This is the time to multiply your passion for music. Make your body flexible for dance.

This is the time to explore your deep feelings and write it down to share with the needy people. Add some more indoor sports in your bucket list. Add some more online courses in your bucket list. Improve your social media profiles that seem to be unproductive during your busy days.

There are hundreds of things you can do to make your time productive, to utilize your time at its best. This is the time, that only some lucky generations get in a century.

So, here we go with the list of a few productive works that can be done in the lockdown period, where you can find every idea for making your time productive and productive.

1. Make your own working space during a lockdown

You might have got lock downed in your room that is in rent, or a small house of your own, where you don’t have a home office already. So, it might be lazy for you to work long hours in a bed with a laptop resting in your pillow. And changing your position will constantly distract you form your dedicated work.

So, now is the time to make your own workstation. And make it comfortable enough to work for hours. You can turn your own room into an office or just take a part of it with a desk or table to support your electronics and a comfortable chair to support your backbone.

If possible make your workstation in a quiet place where you would be free from distractions of children and playful pets.

No one is sure when the lockdown will end. But till then why not optimize things that we already have

stay productive at home during lockdown 2 7 BEST ways to Stay productive at HOME during Lockdown

2. Exercise, yoga, and good habits will keep you healthy and busy during lockdown

Waking up early in the morning, doing some yoga and exercises is good for our health. We have been listening to this since our birth. But we have a mountain of excuses to deny it daily.

Now, this novel coronavirus is teaching us the importance of the Exercises and yoga. That is crucial to boost our immunity system. And this can be the best time to convince and implement on yourself.

Since you have a bunch of time to spare, give some time to experiment on yourself to develop some good habits. Various health and fitness apps can assist you to exercise at home like in a gym club.

Explore your bad habits that you wanted to change and make of list of good habits that you think you were lacking. You have got plenty of time to work on them.

stay productive at home during lockdown (2)

3. Do some productive online courses

If you have access to the Internet, you are the luckiest guy in the current situation. But make sure you are utilizing it productively rather than just scrolling down the news feed.

Mr. Google will provide you handy of online courses and Mrs. YouTube can be your best teacher. You can spend your time on the Internet while learning some new skills and techniques in the most interactive way.

Coursera, edX, Udacity, Udemy are some reputed online course platforms that you should check.

Attend virtual events like webinars and workshops that are directly related to your field. Besides you can also equip your life with life skills around self-care, career development, and other training that can give you refreshing change in your work.

Learn online class during lockdown

4. Blogging and writing habits can enhance your productivity

Blogging is the large space to share your passion or it’s an opportunity to try something new. If you are a passionate writer then you should join this online writing portfolio.

To keep the content coming, you’ve got to possess ideas to write down about. The great news is that you simply do not have to write down it all. You’ll have guest writers or hire freelancers.

If you want to write an article of your own then we will help you through SEO friendly content writing and help you find your audiences in the global world. Drop your comment below if you are interested and we will get back to you soon.

Block larger chunks of your time during early mornings or late evenings when the remainder of the home is sleeping or busy watching television. It will help you go through focused writing.

stay productive at home during lockdown

5. YouTube: A productive timelessness, influence, and popular culture 

Do you love to share your talent? If yes, then YouTube is for you. Whether you want to learn something new or you want to share something new. Then, youtube is undoubtedly the best platform in today’s date. Learn some simple and free video editing software, make your mobile phone, however it is, as a professional camera, and explore your creativity to make your video blogs.

Remember you don’t need any sum of money while starting a YouTube channel.

Are you willing to create a new youtube channel. Must Read “How to Start Guide to start youtube channel for beginners in 2020“.

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6. Keep yourself updated even in lockdown

Reading broadens your mind. Give yourself a moment and stop watching only the news about coronavirus. Give yourself time to catch up with your related field. Update yourself in as many fields as possible.

Read some novels that are related to your interest only, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to finish it. Finish the books that you had promised to read one day.

Now is the time to keep track of the going-on in the dynamic world by keeping yourself up to date with industry news and trends.

stay productive at home during lockdown


7. Build connections in Social media while you are in lockdown

With social distancing, people are spending longer on social media. make the most of this chance to network. Attempt to make your social media presence stronger.

Everybody is now talking about COVID-19 and they are busy sharing the challenges they’re facing, So it’s really quite easy to hitch the conversations immediately and make yourself known.

You’ll also reach bent potential collaborators on social media or maybe email. Since everybody’s performing from home and certain missing having people around, they might be more hospitable engaging in conversations.

Stay good at social media.

stay productive at home during lockdown


Take this coronavirus lockdown as an opportunity to improve yourself. Besides this, you can achieve milestones on the indoor games like badminton, table tennis and so on just to keep yourself busy. Spend quality time with your family, try to observe the kids around you teach them the lessons you have got in your life.

Update yourself regularly because only the world has paused for a moment but you are not stopped. The more you go ahead of time, the more you will be able to justify your dreams and your talent. Enjoy the lockdown as a gift of nature to you and at the same time try to help the peoples who are sort of even the basic needs, in this tragic period.


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