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How to Check EDV Lottery 2021 Result?

Every year among millions of DV lottery applications, around 50k+ people from different countries are selected randomly by the EDV Lottery program by the US. And the time to see the result for DV Lottery 2021 has come. So, how to check if your applications are selected for the DV Lottery or not?

Look at some common queries for US DV Lottery, before going to the actual steps.

1. How DV Lottery is selected?

DV Lottery is randomly selected by computer from among qualified entries of individuals.

2. When will DV result for 2021 will publish?

The DV result for 2021 has been postponed to June 6, 2020. Usually, it used to get published in the first week of May. The results of the DV lottery have been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has spread across the world killing and infecting hundreds of thousands of people.

3. What is needed to check the result of DV Lottery 2021?

Below 3 things are needed to check the result of DV Lottery 2021
1. Entrant’s Confirmation Number
2. Last/Family Name
3. Year of Birth

4. What If I got selected on DV Lottery 2021?

If your entry is selected, you will be directed to a confirmation page with further instructions to go ahead.

5. When was the deadline for submitting applications for US DV Lottery -2021 ended?

The deadline for submitting applications for DV Lottery-2021 was ended on November 5.

Steps to See the Result of US DV Lottery 2021

Go through the steps given below & Check whether you got it this time or not!

  1. Visit the official website

    You can click the link

  2. Click check status

    Click ‘check status’ link below & then you will be redirected to a new page.

  3. Fill Details

    On the page, fill the entrant information like: confirmation number, last/family name, and year of birth. You can refer to below image for the idea.

  4. Enter CAPTCHA

    Finally, enter the CAPTCHA code given there to prove if you are human.

  5. Done

    You will be notified on the next page if you have been selected for the winner or not.

DV Lottery Result Page (Sample Form)

How to check EDV 2021 result How to Check EDV Lottery 2021 Result?

Please note that you can find the Confirmation number on the page you have saved while completing the EDV form earlier. The confirmation number is 16 digit number in the format of 2021************. The meaning of starting digits 2021 is that the confirmation is for the year 2021.

During this process, if you got any problems, comment us down below. As soon as possible, we will seek to resolve the problem.


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