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Talent career Matters: A tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput

The well-entrenched, with mammoth love and support from the audience of 1.2 billion or maybe more with the ever-increasing population growth in India, and outside, at the mid of lockdown, a very talented actor embedded with human, along with grit, a witty persona (Sushant Singh Rajput) has decided to end life just to leave everyone at nothing more than a tremor.

Sushant’s decision to say goodbye to his life, career, and future has indubitably specified an unblemished dispatch to the entire world that talent must not die, talent must persevere. And not to give up on life and career. But Sushant did it, no matter how much the world preaches the acquaintance to endure, whatsoever.

The wretched news did not only garnered fans critiques on social media but also expressed how much he was able to find the space inside people’s deep heart and soul. Sushant Singh Rajput was loved by everyone.

Sushant Singh Rajput Bollywood Actor
Sushant Singh Rajput Bollywood Actor

Concluding fans disappointment over Sushant boycott and humiliation by the big daddy of Bollywood industry is as simple as the ruled, self-centered one at the industry might have felt the insecurity, as a result, it has become difficult for them to digest when Sushant rise with his unique persona embedded with his excellent acting genius, at his masterpiece of craft delivery at Kai Po Che and the movie like Chichorre.

Nepotism and favoritism aren’t a new thing at the rapidly developing nation like India, and Bollywood in particular, but no one had expected someone with great acting skills in 2020 would halt his life forever. That led many to go for vigorous investigation, maybe a CBI to handle the case.

Sushant shouldn’t have terminated his life that way, he could have reached out to someone he finds great and comfortable with has become the national statement for Sushant in India at present. But when boycotting Sushant was at the list of agenda for them, then there is no way Sushant could have reached out to anyone from the industry. He was genuine with the way he assumes his craft.

I am not shy away to restate the fact that the star kids at Bollywood then so-called those who are supported by their own godfather might have taken a huge breath of relief with the way that a promising talent has been sidelined, however, they should not forget the fact that the movies like Chichore, Dhoni-the untold story, and Kai-Po-Che were unparalleled. And something that is out of their imagination.

The Bollywood Bad-shah doesn’t even have any genius craft of his own for decades of time in the industry. But no one knew the reason why he was able to draw magnificent attention from the millions over time. May be media has played a vital role? or we just fall into it so easily. Or perhaps his TED- Talk, now doesn’t even define the reason why famous people play so small.

But the time has changed now, Sushant was ever-talented, so young as he was, a rare piece in the whole industry if I look at Karan Johar, I fall in love with the fine touch with his English, his keynote has been delivered to some of the Ivy League Institute. With his virtuous supremacy to communicate he was able to say what he has done, but have I never found him talk something great inside his work.

And we the dupe wasted our hard-earned money for their mediocre craft with no reason.

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Bollywood is into a serious big star-performer crisis mode; it is just that no one has analyzed the situation as yet, it is all because Bollywood is run by moneymakers that demonstrate the smart side of the business with glamorous actors but the real performing has long gone vanished.

 And with the end of Sushant Singh Rajput, it has added one more misery into the hidden crisis, the industry is smart to depict with the impeccable skill to hide, mediocre with superlative lifestyle demonstration, with the help of award shows and TV events.

And that made us fall for them, but the reality is we are all following with their artificial fame fashioned by the proliferation of so-called the internet and broadcasting.

The movies like 3 idiots, PK, Munna Bhai MBBS serial, Tare Jamin Par, Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, Chak De India – are no suspicion that can claim an international recognition, not to overlook Bollywood is apparent with the most numbers of movies made than any other film industry across the world, probably not with Genius Craft’s depiction. So it is never a mistake to reveal what they stand for.

How long the khan rules the industry, probably would not the remarkable question for their fans following across India and outside, however, If we look at the Bollywood from very close, decades later from now, the ruling khan would be either seen in the role of father or romancing with a newcomer of their daughter’s age.

The Bollywood would most definitely find the fine replacement of khan’s after decades, if the industry really needs to sustain with great movies but not just with numbers.

Sushant Singh Rajput was not only a fine replacement but he was bigger than hope for his fans, and way ahead than the rest of many within the industry.

It is unquestionably a serious concern for the Bollywood to shift a conversation from having a reputation as the most no of movie producers to a masterpiece craft proliferation within the industry.

Fans may not expect this to happen from the present young actors who are automatically going to lead the next Bollywood, but the mammoth question is can they lead Bollywood with the movies like Simba, Ye Dil he Muskil, Tevar the list never seems to halt.

Bollywood definitely had gone a long way to find some handsome, beautiful with great physics and skins but seems to go a long mile to get the endowment like Mr. Late Sushant Singh Rajput.

With much love, Sushant, You have never gone, you have already find the space of billion’s deep inside their heart and soul. Your talent has always been a matter of discussion for the existing and next-generation who dream to dream big at the Indian film industry-Bollywood.

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