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TikTok Ratings fall down to 1.2 in PlayStore | Why?

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Because the media is trending on Tik Tok reviews, which are getting worse with time. It seems a very strong decision for the Indian government to ban TikTok in India. Within a few days, Google Playstore rating of TikTok, which is one among the most downloaded apps in the world, has dropped to 1.2 from 4.6. Tiktok ratings have suddenly fallen below the unexpectedly.

In April, a roast had begun between the creators of YouTube and TikTok during which YouTuber CarryMinati had made a video on another TikToker. YouTube later took the video down, which had over 70 million views in two days. Since then, Minati’s fans have also been demanding a ban on the Chinese app too.

The entire situation is often traced back to a quarrel between YouTuber Carryminati and TikTok influencer Faisal Siddiqui.

Aside from this, the Acid scandal on Tiktok is additionally one more reason for this bad review. Siddiqui, who has on the brink of 13 million followers on TikTok, had made the video earlier, but it’s gone viral only recently.
#BanTikTok trends on Twitter rapidly after this controversy.

And this is what makes Popular video making app TikTok’s rating on Google Playstore down to 1.2 stars after a video ‘glorifying’ acid attack.

TikTok Ratings Down to 1.2

tiktok rating down TikTok Ratings fall down to 1.2 in PlayStore | Why?
TitkTok rating down to 1.2 from 4.9 in just 3 days.
TikTok rating updated on google playstore TikTok Ratings fall down to 1.2 in PlayStore | Why?
TikTok is rated by 28M+ users

So what could also be a number of the lessons this controversy has left? And, can TikTok bounce back?

TikTok is a short video sharing platform that becomes the world’s most downloaded app within such a brief span of your time. More than 1 Billion active installs are there in Play store itself.

A message to Creators in Tiktok

Actually TikTok isn’t a nasty app itself but a number of dumb creators made it the more severe. I even have seen many foreign content creators in TikTok where they struggle to supply many useful tips and tutorials within fifteen seconds.

And this was the only purpose why TikTok was created in the beginning. On the other hand some so-called TikTok stars from South Asian countries started dancing on item songs, works on Cringe Content that seems so embarrassing in the least.

Recommendations to TikTok Stars

Don’t post solicitations, political or social commentary, or anything that’s irrelevant to the content, service, or experience you’re reviewing. Create genuine content, solve the people’s issues, make them laugh naturally, motivate them.

Being crazy over TikTok is simply fine, but it should be digestible.
Remember that an Online platform is our Virtual Society & all the users, influencers, viewers are sort of family members.

So, Respect their ideas like you respect your family, & you’ll be promoted with love.

An advice For Viewers of TikTok:

Now it isn’t only about the creators, Its the mentality of viewer too. You will never know the viewer in the south Asian region. They’re going to always prefer shit over good content. If viewers prefer shit, the content creators will continue with shit. Many of us wish to see beautiful girls and guys making shit videos by just moving their ass than useful content.

There are some good content creators too in every field like dance, comedy, education & so on. They really struggle hard to create better content for us. But they have to compromise with limited views. Meanwhile, If anyone just posts cringe content, he/she become a celebrity overnight night.

Now, this is within the hand of the ‘We’ viewers. To follow or unfollow someone, it is your choice.

An action to require by Tik Tok app itself:

Well, I feel not only creators/viewers but TikTok is there responsible also. There’s “cringe content” over Youtube and other platforms also but they’re very strict with their community guidelines and if not their algorithm tries to cover similar content at some level also.

TikTok should learn from this and strictly enforce the community guidelines onwards.

And one more thing, there is no No dislike link or Down-Vote link in TikTok as in Youtube/Facebook or other platforms. Creators will never realize what sort of video they’re making. They can’t decide either the views are coming from fans or haters regarding that specific video. That’s the rationale beyond many cringe content (socially awkward situations) on TikTok.

TikTik isn’t safe for Childrens & Students

I personally experience that, More than 90% of the video found on Tik-Tok is cringe, in the case of South Asian Tiktokers. Educational, Inspirational & other sorts of videos are rarely found.

It seems that TikTok doesn’t allow any filter to restrict 18+ contents. As TikTok is getting used by children, adults, students, families also, TikTok must rethink about it.

Most of the scholars are distracted from the study as they think they’re getting to become famous with TikTok by just uploading anything. And sinking deep into Crunge content, you can imagine how their psychology might accordingly with fake attitude.

Tiktok must need to improve its algorithm consistent with what viewers want to watch & must refine its recommended videos section to point out only appropriate content.

TikTok positive Initiations

However, Tiktok possesses something great initiation also such as: Tiktok starts #Edutok campaign which is basically a mind-blowing idea to share knowledge across the world. This helps students & teachers to create educational series which may reach up to several people around the world.

This was the primary moto of TikTok while it started as a company.

Tiktok comprises of talented videos also. This is often an excellent platform for the people who want to showcase their talent. And for the people who aren’t rich enough both financially & technically, to shop for equipment for shooting videos & to edit videos, TikTok seems a very nice platform.

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Actually it’s not fair to dominate any company out of prejudice or self-benefit. Obviously everyone knows that recent TikTok ratings isn’t a genuine review downfall. It’s mass defamation towards one organization. Which later on can happen to any other app.

Google Classroom and Zoom were also hit by similar meaningless one-star ratings following lockdown orders and making students dissatisfied with such apps, as they are not eager to study remotely.

Though things improved after Google removed most of the obviously baseless ratings. These mass reviews might only be a matter of some time until things improve for TikTok.

I just hope Google will find how to beat this.

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