good habits while using computer for long time

10 Good Habits while working on computer for LONG TIME

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Computers, televisions, smartphones & other screens are here, there & everywhere. We all are looking at them every day and almost every time, especially if our job description says so. But this post is not just for daily computer workers, but to all who are living on the planet where digital technology is boosting our health hazards. After all, work is work, we need to do it to sustain life & meanwhile we should concern about some good habits while using a computer for a long time.

So are you ready to make changes in your working habits? Let’s go to the points regarding Health care good habits for daily computer workers. I hope these practices will put us on the right track to maintain good health.

Health tips for computer user

Maintain an appropriate distance from the monitor

The best distance researchers have found is 50 cm away from the screen. Or you can find the appropriate distance by stretching your arm towards the screen monitor & try not to touch screen with your palm. Remember that you only have a pair of eyes. So take care of them.

Adjust text size, colors, fonts & screen resolution

Some people use their smartphone & laptop as if they are ready to kiss the screen. Tiny fonts, fuzzy colors, low screen resolution, extra-fancy font’s increase the stress on our eyes & mind. Every computer user must make a screen with the highest resolution possible. Please, I request you to make your display gives comfort to your eyes & rest will be automatically solved.

Take a break during work

The golden rule for computer workers is the 20-20-20 rule. That means take 20 seconds break in every 20 minutes by looking at the object 20 feet away. This is not only to relax our eyes but also give our brain a fruitful break-time. Just look outside the window or go chat with someone in real life for a while. Do you know, real-life connections really do bring fresh air into the brain? List it out under your good habits.

Drink plenty of water

There is no doubt that 70% of our body is made up of water. So, it’s hard for our brain & body to be in an active state if they got constantly dehydrated. I know, you are in office, not too physical task but your mind might be too busy in solving your so-called official tasks. Always remember to take a big glass of water next to your working desk. Drinking sufficient water always comes under good habits.

Use body-friendly desk & chair

The worst thing is that, we are doing nothing to keep our sitting posture good enough to make our sitting comfortable. If you work in bed taking pillows behind your back, that’s a completely ridiculous idea. Please allow me to say “You are doing 100% damage to your posture if you are doing the same every day”. Just find the desk with appropriate height to match with your eyesight according to the screen kept above the desk. & of course chair that can be flexible enough to make your posture great.

Enable Night Light option while working in low light.

These days, almost every display screens have night light options available. You just have to activate it to make your eyesight suited with the optimum level of brightness, contrast, color saturation, etc. Also if you are lucky, there might be a blue ray filter in most of the night mode. If not, you can download it. Just ask to google where you can find it easily.

Remember to stretch on a regular basis

Sitting for a day without movement can affect your body to a large extent & take charge of the health. Stretching your body parts such as hands, legs, back, and neck along with basic massage around the area of eyes which helps us to relax the muscles & make the working environment more comfortable for a longer period of time. Also taking a short walk break in-office time is a good idea. Rub your palm & slide over your eyes time & again to make eyes relief from the extra strain.

Use computer glasses.

Computer glasses are specially optimized for computer work. They are very successful in filtering the harmful blue rays coming out of the screen & save our eyesight from long-run damage. Even if your eyesight is 100% okay, you need to put a genuine quality glasses before going to work with computers or any screens, even that’s your smartphone.

Blink frequently while working.

Again precaution comes to eyes. Blinking is a natural process that makes your eyes moisturized, nourished & healthy. Blinking flushes in fresh tears & floods your eyes with nutrients. Don’t get too busy with the work that you forget about blinking. Remember, dry eyes creates a strain on the eyes muscles. Blinking frequently is always a good habit.

Schedule time to switch off-screen.

From wake-up alarm to sending goodnight emoji’s before sleep, our eyes are continuously forced to make contact with screens. At least, we can make a good habit of switch-off our phone, laptop after we reach home & try to exercise your eye pupils with a natural view. Morning yoga & meditation will assist a lot in this regard as well.

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Here mostly we focus on body posture & eyes, as they are the most affected areas of our body because of excessive use of screens. With this, I wanted to add that, take a few moments to just relax & think about your mental & physical health & then take action accordingly.

Do you have anything to add here? Please, I will love to update it better with your ideas.

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