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Top 10 interesting facts about China you won’t believe

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Today we’re observing the country with the biggest population within the world. China, one of the world’s earliest civilizations. And now one amongst the foremost powerful nations on the planet. China has been ruled by dynasties historically, and is now communist. China is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Because of their investment and exports, China has spread its products & services throughout the planet with Chinese culture to Australia, Britain, and beyond. And today we are going to explore Top 10 interesting facts about China that will are really weird and surprising.

Top 10 weird interesting facts about China

1. Modern Chinese cave homes

Many people within the ‘Shanxi province’ have taken a stand against high living costs and live in caves dug into the dimensions of mountains. There are approximately 35 million people living in the cave costing around $30 a month. They seem to be a wonderful option for the nation’s poor and extremely dramatic situation, and yes, in comfort level. The caves are so energy efficient and affordable. That’s why, many refuse to move back to a traditional home once they’re settled.

By the way, China has ‘The Forbidden City’, which is a palace complex in Beijing, contains about 9,000 rooms!

2. World’s first paper money + Other incredible inventions

Chinese have invented and discovered many incredible things long before. China is especially famous for its inventions, including paper money which was created over 1400 years ago. And also gunpowder, the compass silk, and alcohol fermentation. Many of their creations are taken by explorers and introduced to Europe and therefore the rest of the planet. But it is the Chinese who can claim ownership.

Polo is rumored to have taken ice cream from China

Chinese doctors were also the first to discover that blood is pumped around the body by the heart within the 2nd century BC. This wouldn’t be known in Europe until the 17th century.

3. Long growing little fingernail

It was popular for wealthy men and ladies to grow their little fingernail extremely long. Growing the little fingernail became extremely popular among the rich. The longer the fingernail, the upper their rank. Like many trends of the rich, including heeled shoes and pale skin, it demonstrates that their extreme wealth. This means, they do not need to lift a finger.

Literally many would wear gold and silver guards to decorate and protect their nails from breaking. This seems really wired facts about china.

4. China one-child policy facts

China’s one-child policy was introduced in 1979 to combat overpopulation. But because numerous parents have chosen to prioritize having a boy rather than a girl, there are now 32 million more boys than girls in China as of 2020. However, China’s one-child policy was changed in 2016, thus allowing couple to have more than 1 child.

It’s predicted that, this imbalance is now so severe that, a huge number of men are unable to seek out anyone to get married soon.

5. China bullet train could loop earth twice

China’s high-speed railway was introduced in 2007 and now caters to 1.44 billion passengers per annum. Their fastest trains “the Shanghai maglev” are known to succeed in 302 miles per hour which is unthinkable within the car.

The Train is known as ‘maglev’ due to its maglev mechanism. Meaning it never actually touches the rail lines as it travels. China’s railway lines are so extensive and long that they might loop around Earth not once, but twice. That’s a cool amazing facts about china.

6. Oldest written communication – Chinese

Chinese is that the oldest written communication still in use. And the first example was found written on a tortoiseshell. A number of the earliest samples of written Chinese are found inscribed on an ox bone and a tortoiseshell created within the Shang.

Chinese continued to evolve and now form simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. The previous is usually utilized in China and the latter one is more common in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

7. 1,200 miles of the Great Wall have been lost

While the Great Wall stretches for over 13,000 miles, a number of that length includes earthen mounds and branches rather than solid brick and stone walls. Time has not been kind to the archaeological wonder; erosion, earthquakes, and even vandalism have taken their toll, especially on the older sections. It’s hard to believe, but a part of the reason is that, portions of the Great Wall are crumbling and it is a government missive issued by Mao in1950s.

– Why was the great wall of china destroyed?

Communist leaders actually encouraged farmers and people living within the countryside to require down parts of the Great Wall and use the stones and bricks to create their homes. It’s estimated that quite 1,200 miles of the Great Wall are lost, and up to date, surveys show that only about 8 percent of the landmark is in good condition. The Chinese government is putting protection action items in place, including crowdfunding campaigns for restoration efforts at the UNESCO World Heritage site.

great wall of china facts
Fig. Great wall of china facts

8. 8k+ Blocked website in china

More than 8,000 websites are blocked in China. They got controls the web and China’s Internet has what it’s called the “Great Firewall”. Where you need a virtual private network or VPN to access the web. China has its own social media sites and apps for everything. They have identical social media sites according to the global craze of IT.

Hong Kong, on the opposite hand doesn’t have any kind of internet restriction like that, so you’ll easily access Google, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites.

Some of the foremost popular sites that are banned in China are,,,,, & so on.

9. Chinese New Year

Dogs get special treats on at some point in the Chinese New Year celebration. They celebrate it for 15 days and is additionally called the ‘Spring Festival’. Chinese New Year can be anytime from 21st Jan 20th Feb. The most amazing fact about china’s new year is that, It has no fixed date. The primary day of the year falls on the new moon between January 21 and February 20, so it differs from year to year.

Children receive lucky money in red envelopes during Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival is technically 15 days but Chinese use to celebrate the festival starting from New Year’s Eve, hence, making it total to 16 days. You’ll also say that the vacation season starts in (lunar) December with the Laban Festival. That’s around 40 days of celebrations! Longest Chinese holiday.

10. China has the world’s largest army

Did you think that that the United States has the largest army within the world? Guess again. The mighty superpower country, China has 2,183,000 personnel they can send to war if they need to. That’s almost 1 million over what the United States Army has in active duty. China has the largest army within the world followed by India and the USA.

Army in china are of, between 18 to 49 years of age. By law, military service is compulsory in China, although the country has never enforced conscription. Thanks to an outsized number of volunteers from its population. The army of china has five main service departments: ‘the ground Force’, ‘the Navy’, ‘the Air Force’, ‘the Rocket Force’, and last but not least ‘Strategic Support Force’. The army is well trained, equipped, and thought of to be one among the strongest within the world.

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The country of China is understood for tons of things. China is sort of a world of its own with an upscale history that spans thousands of years and during this article, we’ve covered the top 10 most interesting facts about China, the World’s second powerful economy (after USA), The people republic of China.

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