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Skyrocket Your Interview Follow-up With Amazing True Motivational Story

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An interview that lasts for several minutes, almost delineates whether someone is equipped for the job or not, but it has never given a flawless representation about how one executes at life and beyond. What would you answer if someone at the interview asks you, “Tell me something about yourself”, I know you will google it.

I am sure you can’t google if someone ask you a question bigger than life.

Tony was not definite what he is made to triumph, but he doesn’t want his brother, Mr. Ransom to regret for what he has decided. Mr. Tony about to finish his graduation from one of the prestigious institute, he never made a noise for what he wanted to accomplished until he graduates.

Story of an Interview begins:

At 6:30 AM morning, besides the river bank, coolest blowing air, music at the play and the laptop connected with the internet. Luckily he happened to check his mail, the biggest gift ever by Google, the moment he saw his mail he immediately checked his pocked and bag, when he could not find something that he missed out, quickly he packed everything and rushed back to his home. Tony was like he had forgotten something important- the moment he entered inside the home, as he passed by his brother’s room.

I will surely ask him to make a call once he is back home, he has left his phone at home, Tony’s Brother at the phone, company HR Manager on the other side. Hey Tony, there was a call in your mobile, and I picked the call, it was from the company, the HR wanted to appoint an interview with you. You better check your mail, go through and find out the offer. Tony’s Brother after an accidental talk over the phone on behalf of Tony.

Rubin’s Father asked me today about your career, as you know Rubin is also getting graduated next couple of months, he is interested joining at few reputed companies, even had got an offer from many of them.  Rubin even had campus recruitment next week. Tony’s Brother with his fragile voice on the same day that night. He continued, he was asking about you and your career plan in particular.

I said I need to talk to you and find out. Umm, yes, I even have an appointment for the interview next week. Tony replied, That’s great said, Mr. Ransom.

Rubin is a Tony’s best friend since childhood, both of them raised together at a small village, promised to be together till the last breath, amazing friendship that both shared up until they were crazy enough to decide which part of life they belong and wanted to stride.

Rubin father was a Lawyer where he kept Ransom as a doorkeeper in his law firm.

The next week, Tony had a scheduled meeting for an interview through his campus, his brother was the happiest on the planet, he took a leave to be with Tony at his interview day.

Later that day Ransom got a call from Rubin’s father stating that Rubin was selected for a management position at the giant and reputed company. But he was anonymous about how Tony’s interviews went. 

It was almost six hours since Tony left for the interview, with a pronounced anticipation, he made a call to Tony, the first two calls went unpicked, and the third one was switched off, that left Ransom scrambled about what could have happened to Tony’s interview.

At 8:30 pm-midnight the same day, there was a bump on the door, Ransom, on the other hand, left his dinner and as he opened the door there was Rubin at the other end.

Brother am sorry, I did not go any of my scheduled interview for any company. I always wanted to talk to you something serious but I could not find the courage to do so, which I should have talked to you a long time back. What happened to you all of a sudden? I am worried my brother, Ransom with a gloomy face.

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Ransom could not sleep that night, thinking what to answer back to Rubin’s Father about the interview and a prestige that job holds within the society he lived in. A good job was all he expected out of Tony’s life. But Tony’s story was left untold.

The next day Ransom wanted to have a thoughtful discussion with Tony. Tony still did not have that courage to speak with his Brother. Later, both had a long conversation that defined why Tony remains different from Rubin. But Ransom- a poor doorkeeper, only understands the extent to which society values a job that can define his brother career and significance.

No surprise that Rubin got selected for a topnotch company, Where Tony was passionate at his idea, an idea that has no value for a poor Ransom in particular. But Tony always gets the needed admiration for what he chose to prove for himself in his life. Mr. Ransom was by his side at each up and downs. 

In one-way Ransom was tortured by Rubin’s father elucidation him the progress report of Rubin, and a poor Ransom was left with nothing to share about Tony’s career.  Tony was struggling with his idea of turning into reality.

Hey, Brother how was the day? And what happened? you looked so serious today. Anything serious? Tony asked Ransom after he was back from his work.

I always wanted to see you as an officer, to have your own career, so that I can hold my head high, People often ask me about you, but I have no words no answer. Ransom, with his soft voice at his brother. I am always with your brother, and you are the only hope I am left with, if you lose hope I am lost in no time you know. Replied, Tony.

You know Tony, you were so small when father passed away, I never forget dad suffering due to cancer, we took some debt from Rubin’s father to save dads life, but we could not, I then left my higher study, worked for him to pay his debt and we still have a huge debt to return back him.

Tony did not know what to say, than to hug his Brother as snugly as he could.

Hey Tony- where were you? Long time no see buddy, yes its indeed been a few years, how are you?  Mr. Rubin and Tony happened to meet at the market place. They had a long conversation.

Meet my wife- Mrs. Zenith last year we got married, what about you? Tony said hello to his wife, Ohh I almost have forgotten to tell you, I have a small team working in a project. The house behind the blue car, and the window with a broken glass if you can see, that’s my small office with a room. You know Rubin, our individual interest in life has made us this far, but life has its own destination and career has its own. Tony with his reply to his childhood friend Rubin.

Rubin in return, what idea are you talking about? I thought you could have been in Microsoft, Apple, or at Google by now, must be holding a management position. He continued- look at me, that’s My Car BMW, for 85 lacs. You know my job is to take interviews with the topnotch B-school candidate, I am the one who takes the decision to hire and fire for the company.

I have brought a mansion now and married with the most beautiful and rich lady. And you still talking about the idea that doesn’t seem to work out. I recommend find the job and settle down.

Rubin said goodbye to Tony as he handed over his business to Tony, if at all Tony needs any help to find the job. Rubin was not that bad, he was not that different at all.

Five years gone by, nothing happened to Tony’s Project, two of his teammates left him at the middle of the project, everything was futile, five long years have been gone into vain. Tony was about to quit. But after all, he had is Ransom, who remained as a constant motivator during all turbulent times.

Eleven years later, Tony turn his dream into reality- a reality that is something to prolong, the reality was being cherished and made a star company. And that was something for Ransom a big reason to smile. Maybe a tear in his eyes and a moment to take pride in what his younger brother had accomplished.

On the other side, Mr. Rubin was looking for an immense break at his career after working for more than decades at the same company. He never knew something great was waiting for him in Tony’s company, with its reputation across the corporate list.

He immediately sent his profile to the HR department like many other brilliant, got shortlisted for the interview- first 5 rounds were cleared, he was asked to meet CEO of the company to have a final round of interview for selection. The next day his appointment was fixed with the Boss of the company.

Rubin was all prepared, his car was pretty much ready to drive him down, after all, it was a meet with the CEO of the company, someone that he needed to impress.

Arrived at the premises, with a pounding heartbeat, much professional for the coveted position- the receptionist at the lobby guided him to stride towards the room of the Boss, for the final Interview.

You can feel how Rubin felt, a big career break for him if he could get through this. Almost 73 candidates craving for the coveted job at the company.

As Rubin opened the door, the moment he saw Tony inside the room, that was only his Boss waiting for him to help make his biggest career break ever.

Tony, the CEO of the company, received Rubin a 64th candidate for the interview, Tony greeted him well, ask him to take a seat. Rubin could not believe his eyes. He could not believe how people can go that far to accomplish something bigger in life.

Rubin might have won the competition among 73 candidates, aspiring for the much-coveted job, but he would always felt that he had failed in his interview to win his friendship with Tony.  

That’s how I won the interview of my life, my company is a tribute to Ransom, your uncle. I hope you will be able to interview yourself before you get interviewed by anyone who says “I have decades of experience in interviewing people”. Fifteen years later, Mr. Tony with his twelve and half years old daughter, both on the way driving back home from her school.

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