Elite moto 2 - best games to play when bored

10 BEST Games to Play when bored | Most Popular VideoGames in 2020

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What are your favorite Games to Play when bored? What are the Most popular Videogames in 2020?

This article is all about making you feel happy about choosing a better option among several videogames available in the market. Pls be noted that this list is according to my personal opinion.

Every month we get a ton of great new mobile games and every month game rings put together a list with what we consider to be the best ones.

A lot of mobile games need an internet connection to play. If you do not want to use the internet connection on your phone to play games, you can choose from a huge ocean of offline Android games that are equally alluring and engaging.

Here are the Top 10 best offline Games to Play when bored.

Video games in 2020 – Best Choice

1. Stick shadow fighter

Downloads: 5M+

It’s a stick fight single-player game that provides a similar game experience like Takken. The novel part of this game is that you can find almost all anime character heroes in stickman styles like Naruto Goku and many more. Also, stick shadow features three modes,

  • Story mode
  • VS. mode and
  • Tournament mode.

In story mode, you have to fight with enemies and defeat the enemy boss to unlock the maps.

The game is decent and has nice control and if you never played with anime characters and stickman style, then try it at least once. In my opinion, this is among the TOP 10 Video games in 2020.

stick shadow fighter - top offline game for andriod
stick shadow fighter


2. Legends of Runeterra

Downloads: 5M+

A new card game set in the world of League of Legends. If you’ve been playing Gwent, it will probably feel at least a little similar to you. It’s not quite as complicated, there are only two tiers where you can place cards. However for the most part, if you’re able to play Gwent, I think you’ll probably easily be able to take this on.

The goals are pretty much what you would expect collecting cards, using cards, leveling up cards, creating strategies. It’s a good game.

Legends of Runeterra is out on iOS and android right now.

legends of runeterra - top offline games for android
legends of runeterra

3. Zombies Survival

Downloads: 1M+

This is a third-person shooter game that challenges you to control one of the survivors from the zombie apocalypse. Your main mission is to grab your weapons and go out on the street to face direct combat with the undead zombies.

The game also promises the most amazing graphics that you can experience in other zombie shooting games. This high-resolution, 3-dimensional model and weapons offline game can shock you.

zombies survival - the best offline game for android
zombies survival

4. Elite moto 2

Downloads: 1M+

While talking about the Best Games to Play when bored, how can we miss Elite moto 2? This is an open-world game where you are a delivery boy and your noble objective is to deliver goods and other stuff from one point to other points and exchange of this you earn rewards to run your life game.

The game offers a variety of vehicles like bikes and other stuff that you will use in the game.

Overall, this game is controlled accurately and graphics are decent.

Elite moto 2 - the best offline game for andriod
Elite moto 2 | Best Video games in 2020

5. Truck driver crazy road

Downloads: 1M+

This one is my all-time fav.

This is a truck simulator game with beautiful 3d graphics where you have to ride the truck on a variety of terrains such as plants forests, mountains, and even volcanoes. The load that needs to be supplied intact will be found.

You must be the best and do not give it the burden to break through this game. It provides a truck with a unique and genuinely awesome physical mechanism.

There have been 40 exciting levels and 14 parking levels that make it even more exciting making it the Best game to play in 2020

Truck driver crazy road - best offline android game
Truck driver crazy road | Best games to play when bored


6. Gameloft classics 20 years

Downloads: 1M+

This is really not something that seems normal. Gameloft was around before the smartphone was around like they had games that you could get on dumbphones and they were actually pretty good games and they’ve been around for a long time.

Now you can get most of those games in one place like it has a bunch of really great puzzle games particularly bubble bash – but like they even have some of the lesser-known arcade action titles you get on like Nokia’s like the soul of darkness, Metroid Vania with a lot of really cool ideas.

There are a ton of fantastic games in this one title and this one title is free. The touchscreen controls work very well. Gameloft classics 20 years is out on Android now hopefully we’ll see it on iOS as well but anybody with an Android you got some fun ahead.

Gameloft classics 20 years - best offline android game
Gameloft classics 20 years


7. Highway Drifter

Downloads: 500k+

This is a drifting game, where you will experience the ultimate highway drifting. You can also select your favorite car and start your exciting drifting experience, drive through traffic cars, and enjoy the close-miss thrill of slow-moving big trucks.

The game also features next-gen graphics with optional HD mode and of cars including classic muscle cars and sports cars.

Highway Drifter - Best offline android game
Highway Drifter

8. Fractal space

Downloads: 500k+

It’s an amazing first-person Space Station exploration game with wonderful voiceover acting ambient music and smart challenge. The visuals are top-notch without chasing this cinematic realism, fractional space looks intensely sci-fi and smooth also

The game supports gamepads but the on-screen controls are wonderfully smooth and responsive.

Fractal space - best offline android games
Fractal space

9. Dino squad

Downloads: 500k+

To call this game unique is actually kind of an understatement. It’s very different for a PvP shooter that you can get on mobile. You are a dinosaur and you have guns and it’s insane.

This is a very fun, very hectic interesting game with a lot of different dinosaurs, that all do various different things. They have mounted weapons but they also have a set of melee moves like biting or tail swinging etc.

You will be shocked at how good this works, the maps are nice and big too. So there’s tons of room and lots of different environmental obstacles for you to deal with which keep the gameplay nice and varied.

It’s out on iOS and Android now definitely try it.

Dino Squad - best offline android game
Dino Squad | the best offline game for android


10. Urban Legends Survival

Downloads: 50k+

Last but not least, in the category of “Games to play when bored”, we have Urban Legends Survival

It is an offline horror survival game developed individually by ashame Shakya. It features a medieval era of Katmandu valley where you are bound to encounter various urban legends through a glitch in the matrix.

The gameplay is pretty simple, a player has to survive to remain undetected and trigger certain objectives to wake up and continue your present normal life simulation for a visual perspective.

The graphics of the game is high and controls are quite good in addition the weather and lighting effect makes the game more horror.

Urban Legends Survival - Best offline android game
Urban Legends Survival

Conclusion: Best Games to Play when bored

This is all my personal opinion. So what is yours? What comes in your TOP 10 list of Best Video games in 2020. Do let us know in the comments section below.


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