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What if we have to live with Covid-19?

Experts are saying, “The corona cannot be completely eradicated.” Do you have to keep on choking from time to time to avoid possible infection of corona? Is it the daily life of a person who gets infected and goes to the hospital?

At present, the condition is so bad that even though the corona is infected, the condition of the hospital and treatment is critical. On the one hand, the seriously infected people of Corona are not getting treatment and on the other hand, even the doctors are getting infected.

It is said that vaccines and medicines are being researched or tested, but it is not yet clear. It is said that the coronavirus will come under control after the summer months, but this is not a speculation.

Corona has taken the world by storm and caused the same tragedy everywhere. Scientists have speculated that the human body will develop antibodies against the virus after the corona infection. However, the effect of antibodies did not last more than three or four months. Once a person has had a corona infection, the risk of recurrence remains.

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These backgrounds show that the human community will not be easily and quickly liberated from the corona. The corona will last a long time. And, we also have to live with Corona.

In the past, some infectious diseases or other diseases had plagued the human community in the same way. Many died of the disease. Although such diseases and infections were controlled to some extent in time, they were not completely eradicated.

However, people prepared and practiced how to survive against the infection or disease. There is still a risk of such infections and diseases, although people are taking the necessary precautions to avoid them. As a result, there is no need to be afraid of such infections and diseases.

Is Covid-19 becoming more and more common these days?

Scientists are working to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. Medicine treatment is being sought. However, we are not going to get rid of Corona so easily. So we have to live with Corona. So, how?

Lockdown will not be possible. Instead, we need to change our lifestyle.

The form of walks, gatherings, meals, entertainment, festivals, etc. will have to be changed as it is now. Activities like watching movies, shopping, going to restaurants should be controlled. It will be safer and easier to do most of the work online. And, more important than that is personal vigilance.

Protective procedures such as maintaining physical distance, wearing mandatory masks, washing hands, using sanitizer should be followed. Maybe tomorrow’s corona infection won’t be as scary as it is today. But, the practice that we are doing to avoid the high risk of the corona, this practice will always be useful.

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