What is Clean feed? Why this is showing on our dish TV

Clean Feed has been implemented in foreign television channels broadcasting in Nepal from Friday. The Clean Feed has been implemented from the date fixed by the Act after the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology took a stand not to extend the deadline.

Now foreign channels have become clean feeds. There is a provision in the Act 2076 made to regulate advertisements that foreign television channels should have a clean feed by October 25.

The government had refused to extend the deadline for broadcasting clean feed from organizations like Indian Broadcasters Forum, Discovery Networks, BBC News, and Nepal Cable Television Federation. The ministry has said that if the channel including Clean Feed is not broadcast, it will be in accordance with the law.

Now there is a legal provision to close foreign channels if advertisements are played. The Act, published in the Gazette on October 26, 2075, had given one year time to the service providers to go for clean feed.

According to the Nepal Cable Television Federation, only 32 foreign channels are currently broadcasting. More than 180 channels, which can be purchased in packages and played for free, have been shut down for the time being.

Which channels are closed?

Of the 92 channels bought by the television broadcaster in the package, only 60 channels have given clean feed channels now.

Some channels have not been able to complete the preparations. 12 channels of ‘G’ and 8 channels of Sony are broadcasting with the Clean Feed. However, cartoon channels, BBC Al Jazeera, Stars, and Colors package channels will not be broadcast in Nepal immediately.

Now the channels of sports including football and cricket are closed.

Apart from paid packages, 120 free-to-air channels have also been shut down.

‘Stars and Colors Clean Feed Boxes are stuck in Singapore and Dubai. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Of the Indian news channels, only ‘Zee News’ is playing now. Other news channels do not want to broadcast in Nepal with Clean Feed. It is inconvenient to have a clean feed on a news channel as the advertisements are placed on different parts of the screen of the news channel and the timing of the advertisement is also uncertain.

As the timing of the advertisement during the live broadcast is not certain, it is seen that Clean Feed may have problems in the live broadcast of the sports channels. However, Indian broadcasters have promised to manage the sports channel.

After the Indian broadcaster feeds Clean in Nepal, the screen will now appear blank when the ad is played.

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