what sleeping position says about you

What Sleeping Position Says About You | BEST 10 Sleeping Positions

Here are the TOP BEST sleeping positions and their deep meanings. What sleeping position says about you, your nature, character & defines the type of person you are.

Such scriptures and myths have been composed in the Eastern civilization, on the basis of which the nature and future of any person can be told. Similarly, one of the scriptures is the oceanography.

The name Samudrika Shastra or Samudra Shastra is derived from the sage Samudraka who wrote it. According to this scripture, every part of the human body is giving some information about its nature. Oceanography is the study of how a person’s temperament can be determined by his speech, gait, and body language.

It covers how to determine one’s nature and future based on one’s physical constitution. This book is not available in its original form at present but it is mentioned in Bhavishya Purana and Garuda Purana and other scriptures.

Oceanography also states that a person’s temperament can be determined by the way he sleeps. For example, this scripture says that a person who sleeps with his body bent or bent over is cowardly.

Let’s look at the nature of a person who sleeps according to oceanography,

1. Sleep on your knees | sleeping position

People who sleep in this way tend to be reluctant to take any risks. They think a lot before making friends and don’t trust anyone easily or simply.

2. Sleeping with arms outstretched | sleeping position

People who sleep with both arms outstretched tend to be independent. They do not like to be bound by anyone. They enjoy a luxurious life and are easily attracted to beauty.

3. Colt back to sleep | sleeping position

People who sleep in this way tend to like to eat sweets and stay clean and tidy. They like to live the ideal life. Such individuals can easily adapt to any environment.

4. Shake the knee before going to sleep | sleeping position

Some people have a habit of shaking their knees before going to bed and this habit is considered to be negligent. Such a person is always plagued by some kind of anxiety. The habit of worrying more increases their chances of developing more complex problems or even disorders.

5. Sleep tight | sleeping position

The life of a person who sleeps with both knees bent and the whole body covered is full of struggles. They have to struggle a lot in life. However, they also have the ability or the ability to adapt to the situation. They can easily mix with anyone.

6. Sleep with the body curled up | sleeping position

People who sleep like this are scared. They feel insecure. They are impractical and do not like to talk to strangers. They usually prefer to be alone. Such a person is most likely to become addicted to drugs.

7. Get up and sleep | sleeping position

It is a good sign if you can easily fall asleep straight or upright. People who sleep this way are more confident. They also have attractive personalities, that is, they are rich in attractive personalities. They can solve the problem immediately. Due to such nature, they are popular in family, circle of friends, relatives and society.

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