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How To Start Youtube Career? Best Magical Tips For Beginners

Willing to start a YouTube Channel?

Be an Youtube Expert Instantly

In the past decade, there is far more advanced in technology, especially information technology.

This is the era of unlimited bandwidth where we say our web surfing is at the speed of light & yeah, cost? Almost free to pocket.

More and more people are getting engaged to the Internet and already started their youtube career.

YouTube was founded on Feb 14 2005. The figure shows nearly 2 billion people are using youtube all around the world.

And more than 5 billion videos are watched every single day. There are more than enough categories to eat-up every possible topic in the world.

And if you are crazy about your youtube career, you must know about a channel called “pewdiepie”.

This channel has crossed 104M subscribers & the estimated earning of this channel is around $20M per annum. And there are 1000’s of successful channels like that.

Even in India itself, after the bandwidth was improved, YouTube becomes the proven source of income to many youngsters who are creative somehow.

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Are you Excited to start your youtube channel?

This seems mouthwatering career, making loads of money by becoming a youtube star.

So if you are reading this post, I am sure, you would like to make youtube a career. I have seen people quitting their job just because they see someone doing great with the youtube channel.

Even some students are focusing on youtube rather than academic courses. They think making youtube channel is a kid’s play & this will change their life forever.

One thing is true, Making youtube channel is as simple as ABC & yeah, of course, FREE as well. Even capturing & editing videos is becoming simple with the help of several video editing platforms available for various platforms like an android.

If you are into any job. I didn’t see any reason to quit it just to start a youtube channel. So many people have already terminated their youtube channel because of no growth.

You can do this side by side.

If you are successful in creating awesome content, maybe in the future, you can say goodbye to your job. Before you are going to make this life-changing decision come true, Just see how it works.

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Nowadays, it seems that all are getting busy with the youtube channel, even if they don’t have passion. Some quit a job, some quit their education. Fighting with their parents for getting brand new DSLR, High-performance laptop & a studio-like room.

Hello, my friend, there is no need for this shit.

Yes, the video must be of high quality. But you can use your smartphone to capture video & also can edit with your smartphone as well, seek some silent place & start shooting.

In this way, you can experience, how this thing works. And if you can make a good income you can buy with your budget.

Somehow, if luck supports you & your video go viral, you can get success in a few months or days. Else it might take several months or years just to make your channel a few thousand views.

And the question remains the same

Should I Start A Brand New Youtube Channel By Quitting Job?

I think quitting a job or study just to make a youtube channel is a BAD IDEA.

Just post 1 video per week, if you don’t get enough time, But continue the journey. When you can make better performance, then quitting is up to you. But at least seek for backup plan to sustain your career life.

I hope you understood. Thank you very much!

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