Youtube Shorts

YouTube is bringing YouTube Shorts to replace Tik-Tok app in India.

YouTube is going to bring an app with the same feature as the popular video app Tik-Tok in India. You will be able to make a 15-second video on YouTube shorts and it will also have other features like the ones in Tik-Tok.

As relations with China soured last June, India decided to ban 58 Chinese apps, including Tik-Tok. At that time, there were 120 million Tik-Tok users in India. The biggest market for this app was India. With the ban in India, many local companies are now trying to replace the Tik-Tok. Now their competition will be on YouTube.

In a blog post, Chris Jeff, vice president of product management at YouTube, said, “YouTube shorts will be for users who want to make short and compelling videos from mobile phones.”

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The new platform will also have a multi-segment camera, which can be used to create new videos by combining multiple video clips. It will also have speed control, a timer, and a countdown so that video can be recorded without the help of hands.

Jeff said the short videos are getting better and with the new feature, it will be made public in other markets as well.

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